Friday, January 29, 2010

Clever Tilte, not-so-clever post.

Normally I wake up in the mornings and pull on some sort of presentable clothes (i.e. replace my frumpy sweats with some sort of cuter athletically inclined pants that don't say "I give up" to those who are subject to my presence) before I haul my Little Buddy to preschool. Today I decided to go ahead and get gym ready. I got my running clothes on, took my Little Buddy to preschool and went straight to the Y to hit up the dreadmill for my measly 3 miler (don't get me wrong, 3 is respectable and I actually love 3 on the treadmill, it is the perfect treadmill distance). I just didn't feel like fighting the internal battle of procrastinating my run. I wanted to get it done and get on with my day. It felt so good to have my run done by 10:30 and I even did some weights. Come to think of it, I need some sort of weight lifting plan. I just kind of lift, no purpose, rhyme or reason to it. Suggestions welcome...


Mile 1 9:24
Mile 2 9:01
Mile 3 8:36
Fastest pace 7:34

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day then this week's long run is 7 miles. I may end up doing it on the treadmill Sunday afternoon since I can take my Little Buddy to the Y while I run. I have to remember I have Carrie on standby for helping out but I will save her for the real long runs, anything over 10 (thanks Carrie!!!). Tall Mom invited me to run with her and Zoe and Kerrie in the morning but they are meeting about an hour in the opposite direction of Carrie's house, picture a huge triangle, with the meeting place, my house, and Carrie's house being on separate points. Bummer. It is all a juggling act. I am not good at juggling.

Well, today I have much to be grateful for but it is kind of hard to put into words and it's one of those difficult-to-explain circumstances where you almost feel guilty (kind of like how I felt with Haiti, guilty for all I have when others are suffering so much)...I am grateful I was able to speak with The Hubs tonight but my heart goes out to those who will not hear from their hubs....rough week for military families.


  1. Oh sorry....was not trying to cause you to have to juggle. Maybe we can ask Muscle Man to watch your little buddy one morning so we can all meet up. Have a GREAT weekend

  2. Bummer that you can't meet up with us, but we'll see you at least in a couple of weeks. I need a weight plan, too. :)

  3. Glad you got to talk to your Man. Technology sure has changed things. Back when I was in the Navy, we couldn't talk to loved ones (not even email) until we made a port call.

  4. I think that what makes a person beautiful (and truly grateful) is knowing how lucky you are, appreciating it and acknowledging it isn't that way for everyone. I am glad you got talk time with hubs!

  5. Getting the run in early gives a good start to the day. Jamoosh is right, technology has sure changed the art of staying in touch. I'm really glad you got to talk to the Hubs. Indeed, we have so much to be grateful for...

  6. Amanda, you're such an inspiration! Seriously. I don't know how you do it, always seeming to find the bright side when most people would probably be sulking. Talk about juggling, I don't know how you do it! "Single" mom, training, waiting for "the call". You're such a strong women! You rock girl! seirously

  7. Hope youre enjoying your weekend!

  8. We shall see you soon! :) Great 3 miler stats, too.


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