Monday, January 25, 2010

I have Insomnia

...and it shows. I am tired.

This past weekend I was unable to get my 10 miler in. Things just didn't work out, the stars did not align. It will take me some time to figure out the logistics but I am certain I will be able to (thanks to Carrie who has graciously volunteered to add my Little Buddy to her clan of two red-headed little people). So no more excuses. It just takes time to adjust and get the schedules down, not just for marathon training but adjusting to deployment too.

Anyway, back to missing my 10 miler this weekend. I knew I had to do it today, no question but I was self-sabotaging, typical. Thankfully my friend Carrie picked up on it and volunteered to be at my house to run. Forty five minutes later we hit the streets for the run. She ran 4 and a half miles with me (pushing Dr.'s orders due to stress fractures)then finished the run beside me on the bike. The total miles for today was 9. Not quite 10 but oh well, what ever. I am happy with 9. So this week my runs are pushed a day.

Tomorrow is a rest day but I think I will hit the gym for some cross training and weights...I have yet another check in with the Dr. I swear I am running out of blood. Any nurses or doctor's who read this? How long does it take to replenish after they suck two tubes out (sorry for you queasy folks)? Sheeeeeesh! HOPEFULLY this will be the last week, I am starting to feel like a broken record. I am feeling about 92%, almost 100%! Either way it feels so SO good to be running and exercising again! I am getting so excited about my marathon and I haven't even run further than 13.1 miles at one time in my life!

Today I am grateful for:
-Having the guts to be assertive and demand my $130 back from the shady heater repair dude who I swear tried to rip me off and my heater is still broken. Don't worry, I played the "My husband is in 'insert foreign country here'...." card. I don't usually like to play that card but sometimes you just have to. It trumps a lot.
-Floor heaters from Target (my heater is broken after all).
-A week in Oklahoma to visit my family and three days in Denver to visit my fiend, all starting next week!! YAY oh YAY!!!!
-No naps at preschool!! I know, most parents cry when their kids grow out of naps...But I rejoice!!!! My Little Buddy has been sleeping in until 7 or 8 since cutting his nap!!! This is awesome considering he used to get up between 5 and 6 EVERY SINGLE MORNING!


  1. Yuck - hope you get your heater fixed soon! Have a great time on your trip!

  2. You owe Carrie! Buy her a double latte mocha thingy or whatever it is you girls drink.

  3. I am one of those people who do not rejoice with the lack of naps! My kids have always woken up at the same time... no matter what!!!

  4. I didn't realize this is your first marathon you're training for...oh I so want to know how that goes. Keep up the good work and thank goodness for good friends like Carrie :)

  5. Woohoo! Yay for fun trips! And, you go girl for getting your money back. When will they be able fix the heater?

  6. Glad you got 9 miles in! Something is better than nothing!

    No heater, brrr! My pellet stove takes fits every once and a while. Grrr no fun when I have to do the dirty work and fix it!

  7. Good work with the heater guy!!!!

  8. Now that the kid is sleeping, I hope you can get some well needed sleep!!

  9. That stinks about the heater! Glad you had a friend to run with and help you out!

  10. Yea for Denver - that's where I live :).
    So glad your friend was there for you with the run!!

  11. Dang! How are you surviving? No heater and hubs is gone and can't keep you warm. :)
    Mine's gone during the week. Being a semi single mom has challenges. You'll figure out the schedule. It just takes time.

  12. I also encounter the same thing. My insomia is 3 years with me now, pills aren't effective on me.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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