Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alive but not kicking Part Deux....

To all my loyal followers, readers, bloggy friends and those who I am lucky enough to know in person...

I am alive and still not kicking. I wish I had some exciting story about alien abduction or a sweet surprise month-long romantic trip to Paris...but alas I have only a story of a medical problem that has me sidelined. I am not sure how long I will be out but I think at least a couple more weeks, hopefully. Thank you all for your well-wishes, I am sure they have helped. Keep them coming and hopefully I will be back to my old hill-running self again!

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!!


  1. Get better soon Amanda!! I hope it's nothing too serious. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. Hugs buddy, I will keep checking in on you since I am one of the LUCKY people who have met you in person.. Once you are BACK to runnin I have some major plans to pace you for a sub 2 hour half.. Seen you soon if not for a run for another play date :)

  3. I just said to myself to leave you a message on your previous post to ask how you were doing when I saw you posted a new one.

    I'm sorry to hear you are sick and hope you feel better soon and you can put on those running shoes again and do what you love most: running!


  4. oh no! hope you are doing well and get better soooon!

  5. You could hold out for an alien abduction in Paris! No?

  6. Get well soon and have a great New Year!!

  7. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Happy New Year!

  8. Get better soon, and don't try to come back too soon. Have a Happy New Year, and enjoy your time off.

  9. Hang in there...you'll be back

  10. I'm a new reader so I don't really know you yet, but I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling under the weather. I recently was sidelined by health issues as well so I know how much it sucks. I found that the time off gave me a new perspective on running and made me appreciate it and my health so much more. Sending good vibes your way...

  11. Amanda, feel better! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Heal heal heal! :)

  12. I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  13. Amanda! Feel better! I am sending you get well vibes as I write this!!

  14. I've been away and am just now catching up. Hope you get better soon! Happy new year!

  15. Amanda,

    Here's to a healthy 2010! Hang in there, girl! We're thinking about you in bloggy land.

    Hugs from Orlando!

    p.s. - We would've gone w/ the alien abduction story, though. :-)

  16. Hi there! Just found you through Tall Mom's blog. Sorry to see that you've been sidelined but wishing you a speedy recovery and even speedier legs. Happy 2010!

  17. Oh dear and well darn. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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