Thursday, January 14, 2010

Easy Breezy...

Yesterday I hit up the dreadmill for an easy, and I do mean EASY, three mile run. It was slow and it was boring but at least I was dry. It was windy and pouring rain here. It is one thing to run in a soft, light rain but yesterday was no such rain.

I am still on the fence about the Oklahoma City Marathon. I am terrible at making decisions. I am a last minute kind of girl. Maybe it I am afraid of commitment. :) Here are the factors that I must consider:

1. Childcare for long runs. My Little Buddy goes to preschool all week and I hate having to find him care on the weekends. That is my time with him. So I would have to do the long runs during the week.

2. Travel and air fare. Since we had to cancel our travel plans over Christmas to go home (which is Oklahoma)I really want to go home soon, like the end of this month. But then I would be going again end of April for the marathon. All this plus only 1/3 of the cost refunded for the Dec flight tickets adds up to A LOT of money.

3. I want my first marathon to be the OKC Marathon. Period. So I would have to wait over a year to do my first marathon.

4. I need to fill up my calendar while The Hubs is away and trips and races are the best way to do that.

So I will decide this weekend.

Today I am grateful for:
My warm house.
My cozy bed.
People with the know-how and motivation to raise money for a good cause! Check out KATYE and her awesome giveaway!! She is amazing and I am sure you will love her blog and her positive energy!


  1. Life is what gets in the way of your training darnit! I'd say combine the marathon with your OK vacation, but I don't know what your drivers are. And I am sure you've already considered that.

  2. Only YOU know if you can swing it. Go with your gut.

  3. I agree with Melissa, only you know if you can do it!! I hope you have a great night!!

  4. You only get ONE first marathon so make sure it's what you want it to be. Good luck with your decision.

  5. Hard decision! It's a big commitment to train and you want to enjoy it. Trust your gut!

  6. I think life gets in the way all the time, there is no "ideal" time to get in the marathon training. Once you decide to commit to the training, it all falls into place. But you gotta be mentally ready to tackle it and that needs to come within. You'll know when you're ready!

  7. I wont say either way.. All depend on if you feel you want to wait that long to run a full. This could be your year to perfect the half and focus on the Full next year?? Or...dive in and walk run if you need to..

    I know you will make the best decision for you and your little buddy..

  8. Good luck with your decision! I know it is tough :)

  9. That's a tough one. I'm a last-minute kinda girl, too. I think I waver too much. One day, I'm like, "Hells yeah, I'm doing a marathon!" The next day, I'm all, "Who am I kidding?"

  10. To me, it sounds like you have already decided.

  11. It is hard with a hubby away and kiddos who need our time and attention. You deserve the time in your own life to focus on you as well as your family. Remember that. Moms often forget. BUT. This is a decision with a lot of factors for you to consider. I will keep you in my prayers this weekend. I hope you feel moved one way or the other so you can be confident in your decision.

  12. Commitment is so hard...I always wait to but once you make a decision it's easier to make it happen. It's so hard training when you have kids...a 1/2 is doable but a full is hard with kids. Good luck with your decision.

    Can you believe this weather??? Geez these are the days I wish I lived in California!

  13. Hope the planets align in your favor and you can make the OKC marathon this year! And yes, our Seattle weather has been miserable. I miss Cali sunshine!

  14. Seems like a difficult decision to me. I'm curious what you decide although I think Mel's option could be a good one.

    Success on making your decision


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