Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creepy Creeperton, don't ever do that again. Seriously.

I have a feeling this evening's post will be all over the place. I am tired, emotionally and physically.

Today was a good day for a 5 mile run. The sun was shining and it was about 50 degrees. I wore shorts in the middle of January! It was amazing. AN the RB and I hit the pavement for our run and it was one of those runs where we just ran in silence. No headphones, no music. Nothing. Just silence. Except for the creepy creeperton who totally hung out the passenger window, while driving, to cat call us. Really? Gross, get a life buddy. I would have punched him in the nose if I could have reached, it was one of those days. Poor guy had no clue who he was cat calling, he was dancing with the devil...And really, does that ever work, like do guys actually pick women up that way? Wow! A little tangent there! :) Anyway, we were both lost in our heads and clearing our minds and it was one of those days where neither of us wanted to be alone to do that. Just having someone beside you with their breath and footsteps in sync makes you not feel so alone. There were no words that needed to be said, we just needed to run. The only thing that would have made it better is if we were on an open road as far as the eye could see. Although I bet AN the RB, being the city girl she is (I am the farm girl after all), would argue that the houses and neighborhoods are just perfect. And so we ran...

5 miles
Mile 1 10:00
Mile 2 9:40
Mile 3 9:47
Mile 4 9:50
Mile 5 10:00

It was a perfect run. Now, 3 tomorrow and 10 on Saturday.

Today I am grateful for:
All the wonderful people in my life who make me smile everyday, you know who you are.
My awesome neighbors who brought over a box of kid books that they didn't need anymore!
Making the commitment to run the marathon.
All of you out there in bloggy land who are working hard to live your life the way you see fit! We are in control of our lives and we are strong! You all are amazing!


  1. Hasn't our weather been amazing?!? Congratulations on your marathon training. I don't know how you do it with your husband gone for long periods of time. Hang in there!

  2. Yay for shorts in January! It's so weird though!
    Great job today, Amanda. :)

  3. Wahoo for the shorts!

    Yep, not so sure why people feel the need to hang out the windows and cat call, either...

  4. Dorks (not Nerds or Geeks) hang out of car windows and yell at women because they are afraid to talk face to face with a real woman.

  5. Shorts in January!! Unheard of! Ickk on the creepy guy! Glad you had a good run!

  6. The weather has been great here too.... until today! I hope you have a great day!

  7. It has been absolutely gorgeous here, hasn't it? So glad you guys were able to enjoy it with a run. Too bad you had to deal with a pig on your route, but glad you didn't let him ruin it for you!

  8. Back in the day, I had different ways I'd try and make friends with a lady. Hanging out of a car and yelling was not one of them. Probably wouldn't have worked. You should have punched him. Hard.

  9. LOL I always take the cat calling as a compliment.

    HUGS to a good run.. Miss you buddy, we need to connect soon.

    Oh the WEATHER was soooo nice!

    Good luck on your 10 miler

  10. Great job!
    I agree, those people are creepy. I don't understand what they hope to accomplish, but on some days it does give me and my running partner a smile and a laugh.

  11. Loving our amazing weather (and that's saying a lot from a former So. Cal girl) - isn't it weird that in Seattle, the weather is such a hot topic? Sorry you had to endure the creeperton - seriously, who yells at people running?

  12. Great job on your run. Nice to have someone with you even in the silence.

    Cat calls. After a certain age, it's sometimes nice to know you are still viewed as a girl!

  13. I was running the bridge here the other day, when I passed this older man running up while I was running down. After we passed my friend said "that guy is a creepster", and I told her he definitely just winked at me. She said he winked at her when we passed the first time! Creepy creepy men!

  14. Your blog deserves the "I think you are amazing award" because:
    1)you have registered and are training for your first marathon
    2)you made me laugh at least twice in your post
    3) and most importantly, you are from OKC, my hometown.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading about your journey!

  15. Mental Note: Rolling catcalls don't work. Got it.


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