Friday, August 5, 2011


Once upon a time I did yoga twice a week. That was when I was training for my first marathon. I would follow up most Tue/Thur runs with 1 hour and 15 minutes of flow Yoga. I did a lot of things right during that training cycle. Not sure what happened but I think I got cocky. Got over-confident maybe. Started thinking I was the bees knees, the best thing since sliced bread. A seriously too-cool-for-school chica. I see the error of my ways now though.

Back to Yoga. It was great. I was not as bendy as I had once been. I couldn't do many of the modifications which frustrates me. My balance was all wonky and frankly I had non when trying to Warrior III or the Half moon. Yoga is good. So, so good. It can do so much for the body as far as balance and stretching. The Pigeon pose is my favorite. The stretching I feel in my hips is unmatched. If I need to relax I can do two things, close my eyes and think back to my massage therapist, Kathryn (at the YMCA in Tacoma) or think about the Pigeon pose. It is almost instant relaxation. Fantabulous! Today my back muscles, glutes and hammies are sore. It feels so good!! I love being sore, hate it but love it.

It isn't exactly convenient, generally, to go to yoga, but I think I can commit to once a week. I think it will really help my overall fitness. Since our beach weekend was spoiled by what was a hurricane, then Tropical Storm Emily, and now an open tropical wave, J-Ninja and I decided to hit up yoga again in the morning.

Speaking of tomorrow morning, I hope to get in a good 5-6 mile run before hand. Although I don't think I'll be wearing these:

Aren't they beautiful?


My amazing UPS friend dropped these off this evening. Lazy Dog is not so excited to see the Brown truck, but me, I get straight up giddy when he rolls up.

Lazy Dog licking his chomps...biting at the bit to eat the UPS man.


I think I'll wear the new New Balance W10's for one mile, return home and change into my Saucony for a few miles, then one more shoe change. They say to transition slowly. I'll try but patience has never been my forte.

Tonight I am just chilln' at home. I think this is a great opportunity to get in a kettle bell workout and bike ride on the trainer work on my final OBX Marathon plan. I'm all set up and ready to get it done, put down on paper so there are no more excuses. I must get on

The Hubs made it to the summit of Mt. Rainier. I am so super jealous but I think next summer we will head up there to do it together. I can't wait!! Look at him! He's on top of the world!


What are you up to this weekend? Anyone creating their training plan for their upcoming races? Or summiting any mountains? Going to the beach despite the open tropical wave? My parents are cruising around Alaska. My son in heading back to Berkley from Yosemite and I am sitting at my kitchen table, listening to Pandora radio....Someone tell me something exciting....make me feel even more jealous happy for you!


  1. rhett dog hates the UPS man too, he once snuck up behind him and trapped him on the front porch LOL. poor guy!

    yes, i can tell a difference since doing some yoga..glad to hear youre getting back to it!

    those shoes are BEAUtiful!

  2. Nothing exciting going on here... well, not much. The movers are coming on Monday to pick up all our crap and send it to Germany.
    I'm on week 6 of Frankfurt Marathon training with a long run of 15miles. I'm feeling blah about my training right now. I'm hoping tomorrow will help snap me out of it. I need a good long SLOW run instead of thinking everything has to be a race!
    Have a great weekend :)
    That pic of your husband is awesome

  3. i LOVE yoga especially the pigeon pose. I went to my first class today in a long while and felt a lot more stiff than I used to.

    Once you start using the minimus - let us know, I'm thinking I might buy them soon. I currently vary from a more cushioned shoe (Pegasus) or to my free's with an occasional guest showing from some five toes. :)

  4. Too cool that hubs climbed Mt. Rainier!!!

    Good for you getting back to yoga. I love it when I go, yet I can't bring myself to go!!

  5. Pigeon pose is my favorite too!!!!

    I'm anxiously awaiting a time to try out my Merrell Pace Gloves. It was a toss up between the NB and Merrells. :)

  6. I have a pair of NB Trail Minimus too! (Black and blue) I am debating wearing them for a trail race I have tomorrow.

    I'm using the RLRF for the Las Vegas Half.

  7. Your hubby climbed Mt. Rainier?! That's so awesome! I'm assuming summertime is the best time to attempt a summit... right?

  8. That's great he had a good trip to the Rainier Summit! I actually have never really tried yoga...I should look into it though. :)


  9. Love pigeon! Hate half moon...and warrior 3, and triangle. I really need to put yoga back into my training too. I just need to work less :)

    I have yet to head down to Rainier...I will not *ever* be summiting though.

    Something exciting: i sold my first piece of merch to a non-family member today!

    Sounds like your spinster days are almost up :D

  10. I <3 yoga. We had a mommy and me yoga class this spring that was awesome because the Little Lady wasn't mobile yet so she was a 15 pound weight. My arms got so buff. In the fall she is going to get to try some poses too.

    Something exciting..... I had the best run last night. I went out for 3 miles stopped for after 4 for some water then did another 2. Block party awesomeness today

  11. I am reading more and more about how useful yoga is for runners. Your post tells me that I need to give it a whirl because I could use some deep stretching.

  12. It seems so odd to see snow in a picture this time of year! But I'm sure either way that the hubs is enjoying it.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the new shoes. I might possibly have the opportunity to pick up a transition/minimalist shoe soon so I'm doing my window shopping now and I really like the New Balance stuff.

  13. Snow? WOW! I would love some snow right now.

    This weekend ... I have just finished my first long run of this training season (5 miles) and I am reading blogs. :) Love a lazy morning.

  14. I have my fingers crossed I get a job offer because I found this tiny place (town) that I love. I found two rental houses that allow animals (has been really hard to find), that are awesome priced and really nice, it feels right and I'd like to call it home. The hospital is also tiny (16) beds. My unit is 16 beds right now.

    I also had one of the best nights of work I have had in 8 months. So although I am not doing anything fun I am having a good weekend.

    Miss you always!

  15. Love the new shoes! They are beautiful!

    I really, really need to start doing yoga again. I just find it almost impossible to fit it in to my schedule, but I need to make it work.

  16. Congrats to your hubby! That's awesome!!! Happy belated birthday to LB!!!

  17. Is that SNOW?? In the summer?? It makes me want to cry. There's too much snow in the winter...I don't want to see it in the summer too! Unless you're at the North Pole. Then I guess it's okay.

  18. Sara-yep, that is snow! He climbed Mt. Rainier near Seattle WA. It is 14,500 ft of is actually a glacier, so there is snow up there ALL the time. =)


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