Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Lonely...

Yes, I am still living the Bachelorette life here...for 5 more days.

It is very quite and lonely. To make matters worse TOMORROW is LB's 6th birthday. I can't believe he is 6 already! And I can't believe I am not celebrating his birthday with him. I am celebrating, just not with a Spiderman cake or with him. J-Ninja, Sarah, and I are heading downtown for a late Flow Yoga class followed by dinner! When will I ever get to celebrate LB's birthday like this again? Probably when he's grown and off doing his own thing, in 20 years. Thank goodness for friends!

To make matters a little more sad and woe-is-me-ish, LB is in Yosemite National Forest this week with his grandpa. The cell phone service there is not great so I can't reach him. Insert pouty face here.....I am certain he is having a great time though. While he is hiking around Yosemite, The Hubs is on his way to the summit of Mt. Rainier.

Photo taken from Mel-Tall Mom's yard in June. Beautiful!


Man, how did I miss out on all this fun? I have always wanted to hike to the top of Mt. Rainier. Maybe next year....

Take a look at these beauties! New Balance Trail W10! They are making their way to my house via UPS as we speak.

I don't do a ton of trail running but a lot of the sprint tris thus far have included a good portion of the run on trails. So I am hoping to get used to these puppies and work my way into the minimalistic running, kind of. Anyone given these a spin? How do you like them?screen-capture-2.png

Oh and HOW did I forget!? I am OFFICIALLY registered for OBX 26.2. So I guess I have to start training now. What fall races are registered for? Any first time marathoners??


  1. good luck with your marathon trainign. I'm going down to Long Beach in october to run the half there and then I may run the seattle half in November

  2. Oh yes, Seattle Half. My nemesis! That stupid half had my worst half marathon time! Then I had to come back the next year and defeat it! Mission accomplished! =) It's a fun one!! And Long Beach!! Wow!! Awesome!

  3. I'm registered for my first marathon in the spring, does that count? :)

    My hubby and I registered for the OBX half last year but we ended up moving and couldn't do it.

    I feel you on the lonely part. When hubby is deployed it is just me and my pup at home! And you can only have so many conversations with your dog.

  4. You will love that race. The course is beautiful, especially the first half! The post race party in Manteo is nice also. If you havent reserved a room yet I would suggest staying in Manteo. It just seemed it was a pain to get back to the start after the race, unless you really want to be near the beach.

  5. That first picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love those New Balance shoes. I've only used Nike Frees as my minimalist running shoes and I definitely don't wear them on runs longer than 5k. I find that my legs and feet get really sore afterward. Plus, I pronate so I need as much support as possible! I know someone who has the NB and she LOVES them. Apparently they are super comfortable and the grip on them is amazing.

    I have registered for the Chicago Urbanathlon this October. It's my first race in the US so I'm pretty excited about it!

  6. I've registered for the Ocean's Run half in RI at the end of September and am thinking of doing the Marine Corp 10k at the end of October in DC, mainly to go visit my cousin...
    I've never stayed alone for over two weeks, in my life. I've always had roommates and since I've lived with/married to Travis he's been gone two nights total and they were about 3 years apart. I've been gone away over night tho. Funny, this summer when we went camping, He came down for the weekend and then had to go home to work during the week and he was gone 5 nights, and that the was longest we've been apart since we met in October 2005. Have fun tonight!

  7. Happy Birthday to LB! Sounds like the boys are having loads of fun. Enjoy your last few days of freedom, even if you miss them!

  8. I will be running my first 26.2 this Novemeber. I am very excited!

  9. Congrats on signing up! I'm in for Cape Cod Marathon in October. Love Fall marathons :)

    Happy Training!

  10. I've been wearing the road version of that shoe for over a month now. I have only run in it twice, but it's really comfortable. Be sure to really, REALLY ease into the barefoot thing. Like, 1/4 mile at a time even if that feels too easy. Good luck!

  11. Hang in there darlin.. Love the picture..oh wait, I mean, my view..

    Move back you can hike Mt. Rainier whenev..

    Bye bye..

  12. I am doing the Seattle Half this has to be better then the Kirkland Half so I am going for it was my second half.

  13. Jess said she registered for a half and she offered suggested encouraged and it's about six months out which I figure I need... I don't even know what race but I am thinking about doing it, since I will be living a happier much less stress more time for working out life! worst case I train train train and do some walk run.... I ll keep you updated. Wish you would have been here today! Miss you!

  14. Aw, hope your boys return soon!! How is it possible you have a 6 yr old! We are too young right? ;)

    Marathon training ensues!! yes! rated one of the most scenic fall marathons!


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