Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Mixed Up...

This has been one of those weeks. All my workouts and runs are all mixed up. I wasn't able to get my tempo run in on Thursday or Friday so I am hoping to hit the treadmill in a little bit, if Hurricane Irene cooperates. For now we are right on the outskirts (just south and east of Raleigh) and have random wind gusts and rain. Nothing serious. This puts my long run of 13-15 miles tomorrow morning EARLY.


I am super stoked to run with Running and Whatnot in the morning! She is in town from WA for a couple of weeks and is struggling with the culture here, the absence of sidewalks, and the SERIOUS lack of consideration given to runners and others seeking an active lifestyle by motorist and those who think we should not be on the 2 inch shoulder of the road. So in case you have missed me and my complaining about this stupid town I live in go ahead and check out her recent experience in trying to get out and simply run in this town. It will make you go outside and hug your sidewalk. Seriously.

It's sad that when I day dream about running I imagine Tacoma, sidewalks, slow moving cars, not dodging cigarettes flying out of car windows at me, beautiful scenery, and SMILING and WAVING motorist. In real life, here in my neck of the woods, I get honked at (and not by the boys flirting) and flipped off. Seriously.

Fortunately being a military family all I have to do is wait, wait just a little bit and a move is on the horizon. I am excited about our next move! It is looking like a move to CA is next! I know, it is super early to be talking about that, like almost three years early, but it gives me something to look forward to...getting out of this place. Ok, wow, little tangent there, enough being grumpy and negative.

I am attempting to be the change I want to see in this town. (Ghandi)

It isn't fair to say that no one in this town is healthy or active, because in fact there are a lot of healthy, active people. Many of which kick my bootie in each triathlon I have competed in. It is just the overall culture is different from what I fell in love with in Runner's Paradise (AKA the PNW). I still have not adjusted but I have at least, for the most part, accepted where I am and what I am working with. I am making it work, kind of.

Speaking of a move to CA, I have been busy completing the requirements so I can transfer my professional license to CA. This has me busy with studying for CEU tests and I have to take a graduate level class that I didn't need for my degree program. So with that being said I have been very busy and will continue to be so for the next few months. I have to get my licensure paperwork in by Dec. so my blogging may be a bit on the sporadic side for a while.

And for your viewing enjoyment, LB wanted to run to the Bus Stop on Friday...of course I let him. He set out on the quarter-mile + run while I was loading the car and locking the house...As I pulled up next to him I had to get a picture. Do your kids ride the bus to school? For some reason, when he got on that bus the first day of school it was like a punch in the gut. I was so proud of him for being independent and brave but he is that much further from being my baby...


Well, off to check in with all my friends running the Hood to Coast Relay this weekend then to get in my 6 mile tempo run!! What are you up to this weekend? Hunkered down for Hurricane Irene?


  1. Hope you stay safe! Out here in the redneck area of the PNW we get more of the honking and snickering and no courteous gaps. I doubt it is as bad as what you are dealing with though, but I can relate a little!

    It was really weird last year to get my 3 yr old of the bus!

  2. Stay safe, Amanda!
    Love the pic of LB...he's lightning fast! :)

  3. I hope Irene doesn't hit you guys hard! Good luck on the long run.

    Here's hoping the next military move takes you somewhere GREAT!

  4. Is this the same Tacoma I lived near?In WA? Because if so, maybe I've been running in all the wrong places because I've rarely had someone wave, let alone smile at me when I was out running :(

  5. I can't compare to running in NC, but there are places in Southern CA that are extremely friendly to runners and cyclists, but other people definitely believe that they shouldn't have to share the road on which THEIR huge-ass SUV rightly belongs. I was in Boulder, Colorado this summer, and it made me want to cry because it really is cycling/running/outdoorsy paradise.
    Hope you are safe from the storm!

  6. Tell me about it! I don't know where all the runners are here but they exist because they seem to win all the races around here. ;) DC was also runners paradise. It was amazing to see so many active people.

  7. I get the same type of stuff sometimes when I run... people honk to scare me and throw cigarettes out the window. Not fun. But then if I can escape to a back road somewhere it's a little bit better!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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