Monday, August 29, 2011

Sometimes you just need a little PUSH...

...a little oomph if you will.

Lately, with the summer months being so hot and humid AND my new demanding work schedule, I have been struggling with my runs. Struggling to get through a three mile run can be a real downer, a real confidence-killer. I know there are many factors contributing to my slump: staying up later, getting up earlier, stress of a new job, diet, hours siting and driving, and also some over training and a little bit of fatigue.

Something had to change. Obviously I just started my job so that was not going to change. I decided in July to take on a new way of eating. I needed to know what I was putting in my body and I needed to STOP putting things in my body that are not natural, helpful, or healthful. Now I am by NO means an expert when it comes to diet and clean eating, but I am stumbling my way through it. I have found that making things from scratch is the easiest way to know what I am consuming. If it is processed I pretty much don't eat it. Towards the middle of July I embarked on a new way of fueling my body: I have cut out wheat, grains (rice and yes, this includes bread), pasta, sugar (all forms to include fruit), dairy. It was TOUGH at first but now going into my 6th week, I am used to it and really loving how I feel.

I can (and will) go into more details on the new way of eating soon. I have lost about 8 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle. I need to get my measurements so I can tell you how many inches I am down. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to test my resting metabolism and measure my BMI, and I'm not talking with calipers. I am very excited about this. Then on Thursday morning I am going in to the Wellness Center for the Fitness Test to include the VO2Max testing. I am beyond excited about this. Finally I am getting some valuable, measurable information about my health and fitness. Boo-yeah!

Anyway, back to the little PUSH we may or may not need at times...I was a little hesitant when Daniela of Power-gy contacted me about giving their product, PushNOW a try. First, I wanted to know what was in it and was it safe. So many products in the past have proven to be dangerous and I just don't go there. Anything that raises your heart rate can't be good or safe when you are running 26.2 miles, or even 3 miles for that matter. Those products aren't for me.

BUT-I checked out Power-gy and as soon as I read about the product I was interested. It seemed different, by description and by ingredients.


What Power-gy says:


Need that extra "push" while exercising? Feeling sluggish halfway through your workout? push NOW is a pre-workout endurance supplement that gives you the perfect amount of sustained energy to carry you through your workout routine. Unlike most endurance supplements that are packed with sugar based ingredients, push NOW is sugar-free.

Here are the ingredients:


*****Now, I am by no means an expert or a doctor or have any education or training about this sort of thing SO with that being said, please consult with your doctor before taking anything like this.

My experience with this product was very, very good. I have tried products in the past but this one is different. If you will recall, I have been doing a good amount of my training in the evenings. So, with this being a pre-workout supplement, before my evening runs I took one supplement around 7 o'clock PM. My workouts have not been easy, I am doing the Run Less, Run Faster plan which has me doing some serious speed work and tempo runs. Each time I took the Push NOW I was able to make it through my workout. Not only did I make it through my workouts but I was hitting my paces right on target. THAT, my friends, is a BIG deal. I didn't poop out and actually after my first RLRF workout I was surprised that I was able to even finish the workout. Just as the product promises, it gave a subtle push to make it through.

A couple of other things I think you should know. I did not notice my heart rate raise any higher than it does during a workout sans supplement. I generally have a heart rate of 165 during an easy mid to long run. During my speed work it can push 185 if I am working HARD. I did not feel like my heart was going to explode or that I could possibly die at any moment. I felt completely natural. I had actually forgotten I took the supplement after one workout. I was neither wired nor running around like a crazed energizer bunny. And get this, after my evening workouts I was able to come home, shower, and fall into bed at 10 o'clock and sleep. Yes, I was able to fall asleep after taking this supplement only 3 hours prior. Now I'll admit, I am kind of a freak of nature when it comes to sleeping, I almost fell asleep while swimming laps in a warm, sun lit, indoor pool once...but still, I think this deserved to be mentioned.

I took the supplement before my Roxborro Sprint Triathlon where I had my swim PR by 1 min 20 seconds. I also had a killer bike (despite the rain) and my best run (during a tri) of the season. Had the run not been on a muddy trail in the pouring rain I would have possibly gotten a 5k PR. I finished that race feeling like I had been able to push to the end as opposed to wanting to fall off a bridge a mile in to the 3 mile run.

And finally, I have taken this supplement for two of my long runs, including this past weekend's 14.77 mile run. I probably could have gone on to 18 miles if it weren't for my calves tightening up, the humidity, and I was hungry. So the verdict is.....I'm certainly purchasing more of this supplement. It has earned the 5 Mile Stamp of Approval.

Go ahead, check out their website (HERE) and if you have any questions I am certain Daniela would love to answer them for you! She knows her stuff and has a passion for health and wellness.

Have you ever tried anything like this before? What are your thoughts on using performance supplements?


  1. Very interesting!! Definitely something to look into!! I have never taken any supplement before or even thought about taking any until I read your post!!

  2. i just started a new vitamin pack from the viatmin shoppe. i stopped taking them temporarily. i really need to take a closer look at them, theres a LOT of pills and obscure ingredients. i have felt kind of weird since starting them.

    hope you like they powergy!

  3. I get by with a multivitamin, an extra B pill (which has all the Bs in these supplements), iron, an amino acid, and a cup of coffee 30 minutes before a workout. Seems to be the same ingredients, just in a different form. The B vitamins and iron really make a difference for me energy-wise, I don't get enough in my diet.

    Nice going on the eating change- refined sugar hides in everything, doesn't it?! I rely heavily on apples and bananas for my carbs, though, I love fruit.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I am starting the same journey right now. My eating doesn't match what I believe in (in terms of eating whole foods), but I am changing that now. If I can't pronounce it or I wouldn't add it when I make it myself then I don't want to eat it. I'm interested to hear why you cut out fruits and rice (I eat brown rice and other wild rices).

  5. Congrats on the diet overhaul and weight loss/body composition changes! Have fun with all that testing - very valuable, I'm sure!!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the weight loss. I am trying myself to eat a little cleaner and less carbs. I will be checking this out. THANK YOU

  7. Great that things are working for you! And intriguing report on that supplement. Oh, how I wish that I could really tackle my sweet tooth! Not sure I can imagine nixing bread AND rice AND ice cream AND chocolate, even though, I suspect I'd be in better shape without them. I have done a pretty strict diet before, due to food sensitivities, but wasn't running then -- actually I don't think I was even working out! (blush). Maybe this is something that I should look at, because I've felt the same sort of discouragement about the heat and humidity weighing on my runs. I'm just not making the kind of progress I'd like, pretty much no matter which way I switch my training up. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration to keep exploring some options!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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