Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ok, I can do this...


Yeah, I think so.

This morning's RLRF run was a tempo run. I haven't ever tackled a temp run on the streets. Usually I stick to the treadmill so I can control the pace. But it is just not feasible or convenient for me to get to the treadmill in most cases since it would cost me a good hour or more in the morning. Getting up at 5:15 is bad enough, take away even a half hour and that puts me getting up at 4:45. Gross.

My plan called for 7 miles, Mile 1 easy at 9:43, the middle 5 at a more challenging 8:43 pace, and the final mile at an easier 9:43 pace again. I opted out of 7 miles for two reasons: 1) I didn't have time for 7 miles and 2) my long run last Saturday was 8 miles, I didn't think a medium, mid-week long run of 7 miles two days before a race was a good idea. Aren't' I a good smart runner/triathlete? My first mile was completed in 10:07 min/mile, a little slower than planned, Mile 2 was 8:46 min/mile, just three seconds off goal pace! Mile 3 and Mile 4 were right on the money at 8:43 min/mile each! How did I do that?? And mile 5 was at 9:54 min/mile.

Overall I am pleased with the run, I just wish I had enough time to do 7. I was feeling pretty good and I think I could have maybe gotten another 2 miles done at the faster pace. But I am playing smart. I don't want any overuse injuries. This weekend, depending on how sore and worn out I am after Saturday's tri, I'll hit my long run up early on Sunday. I'm going to shoot for 10-13 miles instead of the 17 miles on the plan. I think that is doable, as long as the heat and humidity are bearable.

One issue I have with this plan is that it jumps into high mileage FAST! Next weekend, at the end of week 4 the plan has a 20 miler! Are you kidding me? 20 miles in week FOUR? I understand that this plan in intended for people with a very good mileage and endurance base. I haven't helped myself any by starting in week 3. Self-sabatoage much? This plan has FIVE 20 mile runs altogether...No stinking joke...This is serous. I'll work it out though, I am certain!

Jen, of Runner Maybe hooked me up with this link HERE to a RLRF calculator! (THANK YOU!) PRICELESS! I put in my 5k time and turns out I ran my splits on Monday night a lot faster than I needed to. Oops! Maybe that is why I am STILL sore from that workout? Ya think? But now I know and will adjust for it come next Tuesday's speed work. Am I sick and twisted for saying that I am already looking forward to it? I was afraid so...I think I will love the speed work and long runs but hate the tempos. But who know? Maybe like an arranged marriage I will learn to love can only hope.

So any questions about RLRF? I know a few of you had some questions on my last post. I'll try to answer questions here this weekend! I am certainly not an expert by any means though, I am fumbling through this it will be fun, like the blind leading the blind! And let me just add this, three runs a week kind of rocks! I do have three days of cross training but for a triathlete that just plain and simply rocks the hizouse! Swim and bike and kettle bell....oh yea!


  1. The RLRF program so good!! Just curious to know if it has proven to work!! Before reading your blog I knew nothing about that program it makes sense just curious about whether it works or not!! That would be alot easier to fit around your schedule!!

  2. I LOVE the tempo's and really struggle through the speed work...hopefully you will eventually like the tempos too! My 2 running partners and I cut the 5 20's down to 3 20's in the last training we did and it worked out really well. I know several people who have done that as well because 5 20's is ALOT! Especially when it goes 15, 20, 15, 20...or something like that!

  3. I like your "adapting" skills.
    The RLRF program is intriguing.

  4. I just started the MP for RLRF. Basically BECAUSE of the more frequent long runs. I have a 50 mile race in like 6 weeks and haven't been building a great base. I jumped in at week 8 and my FIRST long run was a 20 miler. Crazy.

    Great job, sounds like you are definitely playing it smart.

  5. Wowzers!! Good luck figuring out the major mileage.. I guess the reason is you run less so you have longer runs when you do run?? No clue..

    Good job getting up early

  6. Good job! BTW - Alma used RLRF and was pretty loyal to it for her RNR training.

  7. great job on your tempo run! i'm loosely following the RLRF program, but i adapted it for my needs/goals/fitness level. i love it because i'm prone to injury so running only 3 days a week is key for me!

  8. also, thanks for sharing the link to the pace calculator. awesomesauce :)

  9. FOR SURE you will rock it out!!! Nice job on the tempo. Now you'll have some confidence going into the next one.

    And my first mile (well, kilometre) is always slooowwww at that time in the morning.

  10. That plan is no joke. I didn't make it past week 3. I was using it to train for a 10K and it had me doing long runs of 8 and 10 miles. I think I will come back to when I have a few more halfs undeer my belt as it really did push you.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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