Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RLRF I sort of <3 you....

...even if you are trying to KILL me.

Today I squeezed in my RLRF workout! I hit snooze this morning, yep no surprise there. I don't even know why I bother setting that stupid alarm. 90% of the time I hit snooze. I LOVE having three runs a week though because if I snooze Monday I can still get it in on Tue or Wed, then have run #2 in on Thru or Fri and still be able to get my long run in early Sunday mroning. Three runs a week make my running possible and alleviate the stress of a training plan. Not to mention the two to three cross training sessions a week can easily be done on my porch, at the yoga studio, or the pool on the weekend. So this plan is working great right now.

Tonight's workout consisted of 3x1600 m repeats, or 3x 1 mile repeats, @ 7:40 min/mil pace with one minute rest between each. I'm not gonna lie because really I would jus be lying to myself, and what's the point of that? I took about TWO MINUTES rest between each one. I'm sure that is not ideal because the point is to raise that lactic acid threshold and increase endurance at a faster speed but lets face it, 7:40 min/mile for a whole, entire mile is redonkulous-for me anyway. I am certain these workouts are working. I need to find 5k to test it out and play with my new found speed. I was actually surprised I was able to do three one mile repeats at that pace. Mission accomplished, self-estem boosted 25 points, confidence through the roof.... And that is how it should be.

Tonight we had Open House for LB to meet his new 1st grade teacher! I think it's going to be a good year, for all of us!


I was so proud when we stopped by to say Hi to LB's kindergarten teacher and after greeting LB she looked at me and said, "I've started walking! It's not running but I'm walking! I've lost 10 pounds!" She told me that LB was always talking about me and my races and running. It is such a good feeling to know that I have motivated her in even a small way and she is getting fit and healthy!

And because I am 16 years old and care what other people think of me, I cleaned up my cords....So many of you loathed my cord mess so I felt embarrassed about my mess like I should tidy them up. We'll see how long it stays like this.




There, do you all feel better now?

OH! I almost forgot! Check out my guest post over on Power-Gy's blog HERE!! I'll be doing a review of their Push NOW Pre-workout endurance supplement soon!


  1. Ouch, that work out sounds not-the-least-bit-fun. Way to go, I'm impressed!

  2. I did the same RLRF workout yesterday (3x1600) although not NEARLY that fast, but it did almost kill me. So hard!! Great job, that's awesome!! I love 3 days too.

  3. OK I cave, what's RLRF? I keep seeing it and I have no idea what it means!

  4. You didn't even have to actually meet LB's kindergarten teacher to have a healthy impact!! Look at you!

    I'm sure you felt awesome when she told you. Maybe you'll start a trend - influence all of LB's teacher to 'get fit' and they'll influence the other teachers. Before you know it, Amanda nation will be born!

  5. holy cow, i would barf right there on the track with 3x1600s at 7:40. youre my hero for getting it done!

  6. Way to motivate! That's so cool!

    Good job on the cord cleanup, too - I'm impressed!

  7. Awesome job on the repeats! I can see the RLRF plan being a great fit with triathlon training - easier to fit it all in and focus on those quality workouts.

  8. Jesse loves the speed! He feels like he finally gets to do something closer to his sprinting background. yay to you for getting it done, and cleaning up those cords!

  9. Thanks for clarifying, I am glad I found your blog I'm a follower now! Now maybe I'll learn a thing or two about RLRF!

  10. GREAT workout lady!! I honestly don't know where you find the time.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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