Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

First of all, sorry ya'll! I kind of went MIA for almost a week! Where did the time go? Where did I go? Sometimes I just find myself in a cave. I have to step back and take a break. Not to mention sometimes I just don't feel positive and I don't want to infect you all, my awesome bloggy buddies, with my negative vibes. But thankfully those negative vibes are making their way out a here as we speak. AND just because I wasn't posting didn't mean I wasn't running! Last Wednesday I hit 7 miles with Mel my Tall Momma friend. I had minimal hip pain and felt good. Thursday I hit my 4 mile run on the treadmill with a time of 36:28 (9.07/mile pace). I opted to skip my short 3 miler Friday because my hip hurt just walking, standing, and breathing. I wanted to rest up too for Saturday's 15 miler. Saturday came and I got out of bed and slowly got motivated to drive to my friends house, lets call her Red. She has two smaller red heads that my Little Buddy plays well with and she has graciously volunteered to help me with my long runs. The sun was shining at 8:30 A.M. but not so lucky by the time I pulled into her driveway around 9. The clouds opened up, the rain fell, the wind blew. I hobbled out of my car and realized that I wanted to run 15 miles about as much as I wanted to smash my own foot with a sledge hammer. I walked in and first mistake I set my stuff down and meandered into the living room. I lallygagged around. I must have looked completely unmotivated and Red picked up on it. We had a play date instead to include lunch out. =) My 15 miler was a no-go and I was completely OK with that. My hip was sore and I was not in the mood to run. I was in the mood to be around another adult, another person who's hubby is deployed, not in the mood to spend 15 miles alone. So it was a combination of pain and the long, stressful, and emotionally draining few days prior that led me to not run Saturday. Sunday runs are pretty much never going to happen, at least until I start doing speed work on the track where I can keep my Little Buddy corralled. So I mentally prepared myself to do my long run on Monday. Monday I had 2 and a half hours to complete my 15 miles. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it but I set out nonetheless. I had a route in mind and hit the pavement heading towards the waterfront. It was great running weather, 48 degrees. Here is my view for 4 miles of the long run...I can live with this.
After running the waterfront the only way to make my way back toward home (even though I had about 8 miles to go before I could actually go home) was to take The Hill of Death. Ugh. This hill is no joke, straight up killer.

Man, these pictures do not do the hill justice. I ran up at a slow pace and you will see just how slow when I post the stats (hint, mile 7). After coming to the top I could have turned left and and headed home and finished up with about 8.5 miles...BUT I went straight. I wanted to be done mostly because I was bored and alone but I could not quit just yet. I knocked off a few more miles and ran by my friend Jessica's house, I knew she was at work but it was worth a try. I was thirsty. Her car was not there so with about 5 miles of my 15 left I headed toward the local university track. This is a good way for me to finish longer runs without getting too far from home, especially when I am on a time schedule. I arrived at the track and began to run circles.


Someone. Please. Shoot. Me.

I knocked off one mile, then two, then three and I could not stand another minute. I headed to the gate and grabbed my water belt that I had removed and slung over the fence. That is when it happened. I knew it was going to. A tall, lanky, strange guy had been walking the straightaway, back and forth, the entire time I was running circles. He mouthed something to me. Ugh. Seriously, can't you see I am wearing headphones and sweating profusely. Can't you tell I am not yet done with my 15 miles? I am too nice. I took one headphone out. He started some small talk and I could not get away. The whole time I was thinking about how I just had to finish my run and my tock was clicking, or my clock was ticking...whatever. I had to finish 2 more miles in like 12 minutes. Yeah right. He had marathon advice, told me I looked like his daughter, told me I was too young to have hip pain then immediately asked me how old I was and then he quickly replied, "You are a young 31! I thought you were a university student" Hm, I wasn't sure if this was creepy or a compliment. I wasn't exactly getting that friendly runner feeling. He even asked me if my husband runs with me...uh RED FLAG. I told him, "Oh he does run with me, just not today." As a single-married military wife you learn real quick that it is not exactly safe to announce to the world that your spouse is away for periods of time (kind of like I am doing now....hm...ok creepers, stay away. I have a baseball bat and lots of weapons in my house and I know how to use them. Ok, got that out there). Finally I had had enough and I told him I needed to finish my run and get going and excused myself. Whew, the whole experience left me feeling weird. I am usually a good character judge and this guy just had me baffled. Anyway, I knew I would only have time for one mile and I headed home.

So, stats for Monday's solo long run are:

14 Miles

Mile 1 8:40 Mile 2 8:46 Mile 3 8:45 Mile 4 9:00 mile 5 9:04 mile 6 9:08 Mile 7 11:07 The Hill of Death...I survived. Mile 8 9:48 recuperating mile 9 9:09 That's more like it.... Mile 10 9:16 Mile 11 8:50 Mile 12 8:54 Mile 13 8:59 Mile 14 9:09 After a 15 minute conversation with a guy who had lots to say about running, marathons, training, and pain.

Total time: 2:09

What?!?!? So maybe I have a sub 2 hour half in me after all!? We will see on 3/21! But no pressure people...no pressure. I am in full marathon training after all!

Wow, I had a lot to catch you all up on! This post is pretty long but I figure you didn't have anything to read (at least here on my blog) since last Wednesday! AND to top it off I still have a giveaway to unveil! This is post 105 after all! But, I need a bit more time to get it together so I am going to have it up on later Wednesday afternoon. Hope you all don't mind! Today I am grateful for: Inspiratonal books that help me fall asleep at night. My birth month! It's a month-long party! Awesome friends and family, I am blessed for sure!


  1. Yuck on the creepy guy. Awesome mile times!

  2. Are you a March baby too?? I'm totally with you on the month long party!!
    Your paces are truely awesome. Great job!!! Sorry to hear about Captain Creepy!

  3. Great job runnning the 14 with the horrible hill. That guy sounds too creepy.

  4. Creepazoid! He should be mashed with a baseball bat for general purposes.

  5. You DEFINITELY have a sub 2 hour half in you...

    pictures NEVER do hills justice! I trust you that it was a killlller hill.

  6. Girl you've got sub-2 easy peasy!!! :)

  7. Awesome run!
    Your amazing...keep it up!

  8. Great run. What a relief to get that one out of the way after the emotional days prior and the nagging pain that must always be on your mind even when you aren't feeling it! Way to stand your ground with the creepo guy. I think you could take him easy-peasy and if not, you could certainly out run him!!! Have a great week and hang in there girl!

  9. Way to go on your pacing!! I hate running around the track too :-)

  10. Yeah I hate creepy people at the track! i seem to run into weirdos there alot. it can be scary! Great job on the 15 miler! That is awesome!!! I can imagine your hill! pictures never do it justice! I have a few killer hills near me! I hate them!

  11. Loved hearing about your run...I agree, creepy men can be...well CREEPY!
    Can't wait to hear about your giveaway later today.
    Also, I just wanted to make sure you received my email from last week with my address for the Garmin Naming Contest?


  12. I hate creepers! There is a paved trail I run on and they're all over the place- it's so uncomfortable! Good job and great pace!

  13. Tracks bore me to death too!

    Great photos!

  14. Your track experience sounds creepy.

    Way to go on the running - those are great times - I would love to clock those miles.

  15. Great recap of your happenings!

    Nice job on your long run.

    That ick to creepy guy! Glad you were able to bug outta there!

  16. Ew, look out for the creepster. I seem to have the sign on my forehead too that says "sure, I'm in the middle of something but I'd love to hear your life story".


You're pretty much awesome!!


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