Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday PR!!

Wow! I really don't know what to say about today. It was amazing, wonderful, fun, emotional, tough, challenging....I am pretty tired so I will give a small race report tonight and fill you in on the complete report tomorrow.

First things first..... Can you all say sub 2? I thought so!!! I want to thank each and every one of you for all your encouragement and faith in me! I seriously thought of each of you as I ran. with each mile it became more and more real that I could actually get a sub 2 hour half! I think I did math in my head at least a quarter of the time I was running, "If I keep this mile at 8:30 then I can actually run 9 min miles for the last 3 miles and still do sub 2." "8 min times 7 miles is 56 (minutes) plus about 4 more minutes (give or take a few) is one hour so if I run the last 6 miles in...9x6=54....whoa 9 minutes and I would get my sub 2 in this run!" Math. Yuck, I have always hated math. But that is what I did and it helped pass the time, and each mile that was under 9 I knew I was buying time for the mile 11 hill and the last mile. So, without further delay I will give you my stats:

13.24 miles (hmm....what happened to 13.1?): 1:56.12

Mile 1 8:23
Mile 2 8:29
Mile 3 8:23
Mile 4 8:26
Mile 5 8:16
Mile 6 8:41
Mile 7 8:44
Mile 8 8:58
Mile 9 8:54
Mile 10 9:29
Mile 11 8:53
Mile 12 9:26
Mile 13 9:03
Mile .19 1:42 (I had G. Money set for 13.19 miles, just in it shut off
and I had to start it back up, so that is the random minutes and
seconds here, so much for 13.1 mile course.)
Mile .04 0:17

Average pace: 8:46
total distance: 13.24 miles
total time 1:56.12

Personal best by about 5 minutes!
So here I am pre-race! It was a great day for the sleeves! I knew I would warm up but boy was it cold at the start! And that growth on my leg? He wanted to come along....I kicked him off somewhere around mile 3. =)

So here I am after my run. I am alive and smiling. Can't ask for much more than that! As soon as I was able I texted Mel and told her, "I did it! 1:57.48 gun time!" I wandered up to the water and found Mel standing at the entrance to the tent. I fell into her hug and cried on her shoulder. I had done it! Alone on the course I made my goal, but not without support from all of you, not without Mel encouraging me, not without Jessica hanging with my Little Buddy. So I was not alone...this was a joint effort. I could not have done it without all the people who I have surrounded myself with and who are kind enough to allow me to surround myself with them (Red, Mel, An the RB, Jessica, Kerrie, Zoe, Amber, Jill, Michaela...and so many more, all of you my faithful followers who believe in me {I feel like I am accepting a Grammy Award}).

Full race report tomorrow....

Today I am grateful for:

A wonderful run!

Sharing my birthday with awesome friends!

A sub 2! Finally!!!

No rain during the entire race! It finally poured on us as we walked to the car!

Hot showers.

Another birthday and a year of personal growth behind me. Where will this next year take me?


  1. YAY!! SUB-2!!!

    "I literally fell into her hug and cried on her shoulder. I had done it." You almost made me cry .... :)

    Congrats and I am happy that you got someone to share that moment with you.

  2. You totally rocked this one! I read you religiously and you truly are an inspiration. I look up to you: raising your child (often by yourself), working, running, worrying about your hubby. You truly are someone I look up to! Thanks for sharing your trials and success with all of us!

  3. yippeee!! way to go! This is like my dream half! You must share your tips and training!
    This makes me feel like it is possible for me to follow you and do the same at Seattle half!
    Thanks for the inspiration and WAY TO GO!!!! Wooo Hooo!

  4. I can feel your euphoria all the way over here in Australia. Well done!

  5. Look at you! Awesome job and a happy birthday to boot!

  6. You are so amazing, Amanda! So pround of you! I love that top picture of you and your Little Buddy. :)

  7. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You rock!

  8. Congrats on the awesome PR!! And Happy Birthday!!

  9. You are amazing!! Way to go on the PR :()

  10. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! That's SO AWESOME! but I can't see your pictures =(

  11. That is SO awesome! Congrats!

  12. Awesome, congrats! I can't think of a better Birthday gift.

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  14. And by the way, we are SO running together at the RNR Half! I will be back at your pace by then, I'm sure. Like I said, you're my inspiration (read this to the melody of Journey....)

  15. Great Job Amanda!!! Your pics didn't come through though, and I would love to see them! I always like to check out new running gear!
    I received your package last week and wore the running hat on Saturday's 10 miler! Love it! Thanks again!

  16. AWESOME!!! You totally rocked it! Hard to believe you could hardly move with your bad hip a few weeks ago and now you're out doing Sub 2's?!?!?! Way to go!

  17. I knew you would do it! I am so glad you proved it to yourself. What a wonderful birthday gift; amazing yourself!

  18. Congrats on the sub 2. What a great birthday gift to yourself!! :)

  19. You are amazing!! I have a huge smile on my face right now :) Congratulations on a great race...what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday.

  20. I CRIED I was soooo excited!! I really wanted to help you through it and pace you, but I KNOW that this was something you needed to do alone. And you did it!! On a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH course. Hello!!!!!! How oh how?

    That text made me sooooo happy....I could not wait to see you and HUG you!! The pride and excitement was undecribable...

    You are my dear friend and after all you have gone through these past few months you DESERVE to bask in the glow of the Birthday Princess PR. I did not forget your gift.

    Oh and I LOVE LOVe that you PR'd wearing the Moeben Sleeves I gave you. Tie Die rocks!!


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