Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Cowbell Winner

Congrats to the More Cowbell winner!!!

Drum roll Please!
Jill said: I have so many people that I want to ring that cow bell...mostly though it would be my son Max. I want him to be proud and inspired by his MOM!

I think we all can relate to this! There is something magical about that moment we see our little wild ones running through the house pretending to be running a race or wearing our medals around their necks. We are setting our children up to live happy, healthy and active lives! I wish I had a cow bell for all of you! Jill, I am sure it will be so awesome to hear Max ringing that bell for you!
I am still resting my hip. I haven't run (or would it be haven't ran? Surely there is some sort of English teacher out there dying to correct me...Red?) since Friday. I did go to the YMCA yesterday and got 36 minutes on the elliptical and about 45 min of weights followed by my hip exercises. Today I taught water aerobics so I haven't been completely sedentary. I hope to start back in tomorrow but my Little Buddy is sick so it may not happen. At the very least I will hit the treadmill Saturday. A little over a week until the Mercer Island Half! I would like to get a long run in this weekend but I am thinking it will be Monday. My schedule is so whacked! I can't think about it or I will start to get anxious and nervous and panicky and freak out! I have barely over a month to my marathon and my longest run has been One Million Inches or 15.68 miles, a far cry from 26.2!!! Oh jeez! here comes the panic!

Today I am grateful for:
A birthday present sent from lands afar from The Hubs! Details when I actually get it in the mail!
Kids who see their parents active and healthy!
Anti inflammatories.


  1. I am so behind, cow bell? I missed that in my self-absorbed training mode. Sorry. Congrats to Jill!

    My middle one ran the finish with me at my ultra. As I approached the final strech I could see her (probably because of her BRIGHT pink coat!) and I just keep saying, that's my daughter, that's my daughter! She was just as excited to see me. It was wonderful!

  2. Way to rest the hip and XT! Hope your little guys feels better.
    Congrats Jill!

  3. Amanda ~ I don't think I have your email so to answer your 50k question; since I did my on trails you have to factor that in because I think it made ALL the difference! The last 6+ miles were just more amazing scenery and fun! Aside from having a moment (or two) where I fretted about my pace (a road runners habit!) I completely enjoyed the entire experince of this ultra. I can not stop looking for my next one!

  4. I am so sorry you're in "rest" mode, but just think how great it will feel once you're back to running! :) (I am about to freak out from lack of running. This whole rest/cross training is freaking me out...but making me realize how thankful I am for running.)

    Don't panic. It will all work out the way it is supposed to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works out with you feeling great for your races! :)

  5. I'm freaking out about Mercer too, realizing how soon it is coming up. Yikes!!! Hope your hip is improving quickly~!

  6. Everything will work itself out...hang in there. That little buddy of yours seems to know his mommy needed a rest...hope he feels better soon though. Yay for anti-inflammatories :)

    Congrats to Jill!

  7. I'm am so excited to win this...I almost bought the detergent yesterday but delayed in case I won...Glad I did.

    Hope tomorrow works out to run together. Would be fun to do 10 miles with a friend and pretty scenery. Praying for your hip to get better.

    Thanks for the awesome winnnings...CAN'T wait to hear Max ringing the cowbell...More cowbell please!

  8. Love the kids who see their kids healthy and active!

  9. Oops! Love the comment about kids who see their PARENTS active and healthy.

  10. Hope you get to run with Jilly... did I tell you that she and I have known eachother since grade school??

    Hugs to you and getting better ASAP.. What do you want for your birthday?? hmmm...

  11. It's 'Red' here, and I'm a Health and PE teacher. I'm not supposed to know proper grammer if you take a gander at my students' assignments....I vote for you "haven't run". You were right the first time. I "haven't run" either. I decided if you need to rest, then so do I. I hope LB feels better! The Redheads would love a playdate if he's up to it!


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