Thursday, March 4, 2010

And We Run

I love facebook. I try to be smart about my FB usage. I have a rule of thumb that if I don't know the person, actually know them in person I generally don't befriend them. I understand that it is possible for people who are not my friends to see certain posts and whatnot but I have tried to take all the necessary precautions and privacy measures to keep me and my family safe. With that said, I sometimes post about running by myself, although I try to only post it AFTER the fact.
After Monday's long run I updated my status to say:
Amanda thinks running 15 miles by yourself is hard so I only did 14. Oh well.

This isn't exactly putting me at risk, I don't' you? It does say Hey, this nut job runs long distances by maybe it makes me a target. Where there is a creep-o with a will there is a way. AND this is also after I met the creepster at the track. So when my good friend's mom (who is like a Mom #2 to me) posted this on my wall I took it to heart, she is right:

Friends Mom: OK...the mother in me comes out, my THIRD daughter :).... Do NOT run BY YOURSELF! Please!!! And don't post it on FB.... I have had strangers comment on my wall before. FB isn't STRANGER Proof. I have read PEOPLES FB Wall's that aren't my accepted friends. With the horrible tragic Natl. news today of the found body of the girl jogger in a park... it isn't safe for women to EVER, EVER be alone! AMANDA'S friends, STEP UP and someone ride their bike with her or chase her in your car...Run your dog with her... SOMEONE stick to her like glue... or I will have to (and it won't be pretty to see her dragging me on her jog! :) I want to see some names of who will join Amanda and promise me that she wont jog alone, for Amanda's sake. Love (your 2nd Mom).

Now, it will be hard to NEVER run alone but I think it is important that we are aware of the dangers and not begin to feel invincible, you know that old feeling we had in high school: It wont happen to me. Because unfortunately, it could. The more my distances increase and the longer I am out there running the more aware I am of being vulnerable. Thank goodness my friend RED stepped up to the challenge and volunteered to run with me! She came through today and met me for my 4 miler! Moral of this post is to tell you all to be smart and safe out there. Just because I don't think like a bad guy doesn't mean bad guys don't think...what? I just got confused. You all know what I am trying to say, be aware of your surroundings, carry a whistle or something to make a loud noise, don't run in secluded areas, make sure someone knows where you are, don't post it for the world to see on FB or dailymile, and be safe!

Here is me and Red before heading out...

We took an after shot too but well, my face was fit for radio in that one. I love how my hat bill is all crooked. Grrr....

We had a great run and got to catch up on the latest news and going's on with each other. Oh yea and she will be joining the Seattle Rock n Roll clan!!! Wooo Whooo!! Can't wait!!!

Today's Stats:
4 miles
Mile 1 8:31
Mile 2 8:39
Mile 3 8:41
Mile 4 8:50
Total time: 34.43
Average Pace: 8:40
Calories burned: 473

Today I am grateful for:
A beautiful day of sun shine!
A good run, shopping and lunch with Red!
The Office!!!! My favorite show!!


  1. Awesome pace and great job running with a friend. :)

  2. People also get robbed because they post on FB, Twitter or their Blog they are going on vacation.

  3. Very thought-provoking post. Concerns about my personal safety on park trails came to mind just yesterday--while I was running on a trail. I am thinking that I might need to switch to running on the streets or trying to find a partner for my weekday runs. I have running groups for weekend long runs. Thanks for sharing your experience and looking out for the rest of us!

  4. Your Mom#2 is right. Its not safe. I know a few people who run with mace. I usuall run in my neighborhood but I do occasionally run the MS River levee. I should get some mace myself

  5. I don't think you can never run alone but you can certainly run smart. Choose where you run alone. Don't go to the same trail with a routine. Let people know where you are. Don't go where it is isolated. All things you know.

  6. I loved The Office last night! I was cracking up :-) What did you think?

  7. It's hard not to run alone when you have a weird schedule and have to fit in runs whenever you can. I live in a "nice" area but we've had 4 muggings this week, so you never know. I always tell myself that I won't be a target, becuase I have no valuables on me when I'm running, but Bad Guy With Gun doesn't know that!

  8. always try to be safe when running. have a good friday!

  9. I always try to run in my neighborhood where I feel like I know enough people. I prefer not running alone just because I like the company and I am grateful to have a running partner.

    I think it is a good reminder to be careful!

  10. If I didn't run alone, I'd never have run my fist three marathons. I just try to be safe, but I can't live my life in fear of what if

  11. Its hard to find someone to run with in the mornings because I usually always run alone and it can get scary! Glad you found someone to run with!

  12. It is good advice and adivce that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to run with someone, but it is still possible to run as safely as you can; in populated and open areas, with a screamer or mace on hand and a road ID...and always letting someone know where you will be and when you think you will be done.

    As for the FB...I love it too, but ugh- creepers are EVERYWHERE!!!

  13. God bless your second Mom! That was such a wonderful thing for her to write. She didn't so much as 'scold' you but rallied your friends to get in there and help out. I love her actions!

    Nice to run with someone, huh?!

  14. It's good to be cautious. It's hard to run with someone each time. I try to run on busy roads for my long runs and always call my best friend and tell her my route and my approximate finish time and then call her when I am done. I don't run trails on my own.

    Great run, great pace. We should try and run 5 mile drive sometime. Your faster than me but at least we would be on the course together and be able to keep an eye on one another.

    I need to go sign-up for your giveaway...I want that detergent and the it.

  15. I do runs alone sometimes too and I try to always be safe about it. Good reminder that it's better to bring a friend when at all possible. More fun too! :)

  16. I'm just as guilty of posting my whereabouts to FB, etc, but your friend's mom is right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crazies out there. I don't think it's horrible to run alone, just be smart about it (which I just feel like a hypocrite saying right now!). You're so lucky to have her care so much about you that she recruited people to step up and keep you company :)

  17. I can see where mom#2 is coming from. I feel that FB is actually safer than blogging just because you can create your FB page so that ONLY your friends can see what you post or anything you say. I have been pretty cautious in the blogging world just because any Joe Schmo can read your stuff. I just recently posted pics of my kids and even that I still feel kinda funny about.

    Regarding running, if I didn't run by myself then I would never run. I actually prefer it, but always have a great time when I run with someone else. I just don't want be responsible for making someone else run slower than what they can do.

  18. Very thought provoking blog entry. I run in the early morning - and (I hate to say) always by myself. Well I do run with my dog - I stay in the neighborhood and don't really do anything longer than 4 miles in the early morning - not that something couldn't happen. I think we have to run smart - and be aware - but we can't let fear get in our way.

  19. Yay to running buddy!
    With that tragic teenage jogger news, it made me rethink about what I am doing. I usually run in the neighborhood with local traffic and houses, and run at a time closer to peak hour but not the peak. Even then, I wonder about the likelihood of me getting raped and murdered versus getting run over by vehicles.
    You are lucky to have someone you can run with.

  20. Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately I don't have many running buddies. Many of my friends think I am crazy because I run. I will work on this! Glad you had a great run. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Seattle!!

  21. I think we all have to step back and think about those things from time to time.
    How awesome that you have people that care that much about you!

  22. Hey Amanda!

    I read this post last week in my reader, while at work, so I couldn't comment, but did aloud. We were definitely on the same wavelength, as I was feeling really sad about the San Diego girl, Chelsea King. I had been writing a post in my head about trails and disclosure, which hasn't come to fruition yet, but you nailed it. We MUSt be careful of what we share. I've been dealing w/ a stalker situation for a few months now, and have become very careful in what I post, sometimes even changing facts to protect myself. Ironically, no sooner had I read your post that I clicked on Mel's and read about her (solo) trek through the mountains... darn! We must all be careful and continue to remind each other. Thanks for an excellent post.

    HUGS from Orlando!

  23. Just added my post on the Turtles blog on this subject... such an important topic.


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