Saturday, March 20, 2010

Did Someone Say No Mercy Hills Half Marathon?

This afternoon Jill and I headed up to grab our race packets with our little dudes in tow. We put them in the third row seating of her amazing van! Can you say awesome? I NEED third row seating!

The drive seemed quick and we didn't really have any problems getting onto the Island. This may have given me false confidence in tomorrow's trip up, I don't know. My plan was to leave my house around 7:45, get to the race at 8:30-ish, jump out of the car and run in 30 min. I don't like to mess around or hang around too long before a race. I don't like to be cold, or wet. I don't usually check any clothes so if I run in a short sleeved shirt and it is 40 degrees I want to spend as little time as possible freeeezing my birthday bootie off! Being there too long before GO time makes me nervous. Before the Seattle Half I literally got out of the car around 6:40 with the race starting at 7. I jogged to the back of the start for a warm up and then BOOM...Go time. That to me is how a race is done. No time to worry, less adrenaline build up. There is not time for that! But tomorrow is strange, there are two main roads leading on to the island and about 4,500 runners, I think. So it could be crazy. As of now my plan is to be dropped off around the start and my friend will park the car, eliminating the stress of parking.

Now for the fun part, the route. Jill and I drove the route. I have never done this before. Here are a few videos of the route taken from the car, please excuse the silly little dude's in the back. They were having a great time!

Mile 3

Mile 3.5

Mile 4

Mile 6

Mile 7-we are getting quieter as we go....the hills are getting bigger and bigger and bigger!

Mile 11

So that is all I got. That is a sneak peak of the race route. The view from the car does NOT do it justice....but we are all ready and it will be awesome!

I am charging my iPod, Garmin and camera. I have new headphones, yummy GU, and a new birthday race shirt!! My race day bag is packed to include my bib and safety pins and timing chip.

Bring it on, No Mercy Hilly Mercer Island Half Marathon!

I would just like to add that Sunday race days are kind of special to me. While I miss church to run I also feel like I spend 2 hours and some change in a close dialog with God. It is my time to talk to Him and tomorrow I know he will be beside me, helping me along those hills!


  1. I love it...I am so excited for you guys.
    Rock the Hills...enjoy your time with God.
    I love it when he gives me a litte wind guts on a hill!! Good luck.

  2. Running is the BEST time to pray! Just let Him take over your body and put your mind on others. You will floy over those hills!

    Run strong!

  3. lol 'what happened to the rule what goes up must come down?'

    Love it!

    Very cool video!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck. You will do great!

  5. Have a great run - you will do well!

  6. What a pretty course. Ugh hills in a race just aren't fair. Good luck!

  7. Good luck! You should be starting right about now.

    Watching those videos makes me thankful for good, old flat Oklahoma. That rough overpass on Britton Rd, over Lake Hefner Parkway is our one and only hill!

  8. No mercy indeed! You'll do amazing, you are more than ready for this! Have fun today and I can't wait to read all about it :)

  9. Have fun!! It looks like a beautiful route, hills and all.

  10. You sound ready. HOpe it was a great birthday run!

  11. sorry to jump the gun but just got the update from mel! CONGRATS!!! and Happy Birthday!

  12. I am sure you are all done with your race already so a preemptive Congrats! because I know you rocked it!

  13. I love the videos! I feel like I am there with you now! Good luck :)

  14. Amanda !!!
    I am waiting for your race report! You did awesome even with the no mercy hills!

  15. I LOVE LOVE the videos. That was sooo TOUGH for me today. You rocked

  16. I hope the 1/2 was enjoyable. The video was great. Hoping the weather was as nice as it was in the video.

    No doubt about it - those are some major hills - especially that one at mile 11. yikes.

  17. I just saw this today...that is funny to watch. CONGRATS again on today! You told those hills who are boss. Obviously you were talking to God today. I love using my run to talk to makes it such a great run.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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