Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Call off your hounds!!

I am alive and Well!!!!

Last week was restful so I don't have a lot of running to tell you about. Last Friday was the one week mark for my rest so I knew I needed to get a good run in. I got to run with another local blogging mommy! Always a treat! I talked with Jill on the phone Thursday to make a plan for running Friday. I wasn't sure if it would happen since my Little Buddy was down with strep throat. Ugh, poor kiddo! At least we were both down and out at the same time so I didn't miss more training than I had too. But I made the plan to meet Jill and run 10 miles Friday morning.

Of course it was raining and an all around Pacific Northwest morning. But I had told Jill I would run with her, she was counting on me. So we texted a few times and pushed our time to 10 AM so we could get our little people to preschool. I won Worst Mom of the Year Award when I dropped my Little Buddy off at preschool. As soon as I walked him in I was told he needed a sack lunch and 6 bucks for a field trip. Thanks for the heads up people! He missed school half day of Wed and all day Thursday so I didn't get the memo... Great. With 10 minutes until my Meet Jill time I was in between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully his teacher said she had an extra lunch for him and I could just pay the $6 later. I felt kinda bad saying, "I have a running date in 10 min, I can't go make his lunch and hit the ATM." Ugh, mommy guilt. So I have the award sitting on my....er...heart. I am sure it will pass soon enough. On a brighter note he went bowling and scored a 62! Awesome! THAT is my Little Buddy!

Anywho, back to running! I met Jill and we had the perfect 10 mile route!

G. Money gave me all sorts of fits from the get-go. Can you see the problem with this below?

During my last run, before the week of rest, the pin came out of the little thingy, you know what I mean, and I fixed it. See how good I did? I didn't have the time or tools to fix it before Jill and I set out so I carried it in my hand, which worked out, except for the part where I must have hit a button and turned it off. OOps. I reset it and we kept going. So our stats are taken from Jill's Garmin.


Miles: 10.01
Pace: 10:00
Time: 1:40:12

Mile 1: 9:08
Mile 2: 9:31
Mile 3: 9:48
Mile 4: 9:55
Mile 5: 10:06
Mile 6: 10:17
Mile 7: 10:29
Mile 8: 10:15
Mile 9: 10:12
Mile 10: 10:26

This was a perfect run and perfect pace for my first run post rest! We had a great time and the conversation flowed. Not only that but the rain held off and we didn't get a single drop the whole 10 miles! I see a few more runs in our future! My hip hurt a little bit beginning at around mile 5. To my surprise it felt fine a few hours later and I am feeling pretty good today. I only ran 2 miles on the treadmill, fail. I was bored and having a blah kind of day. Oh well.

This weekend is the Mercer Island Half Marathon. I am supposed to do 18 miles for my long run.


This course is a doozie and depending on how I feel I may turn around at the finish and run 2.45 back and then come back to the finish for my 18. But I am not making any promises for a few reasons: 1) it's my life and my choice, so there 2) it's my birthday that day, so there 3) well, it's my birthday and I have people (not just people but bloggy people!) who want to have a post run lunch with me, so there and 4) I may be just too tired, so there.

And now I will leave you with this gem.....

Not only do we run but Red and I are training for a triathlon. I think she needs to graduate to a two wheel bike though. And I plan to loose the training wheels!

Today I am grateful for:
My friends who stand beside me thick and thin, who laugh with me and cry with me. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. Thanks!

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  1. Love the pictures!!! Glad to hear your son is feeling better. I feel like the worst mom of the year too because they had to dress my daughter cuter at preschool because it was picture day. Oops!

  2. LOL! So cool that you ran with Jill! Can't wait to see everyone on Sunday. :)

  3. Glad you feel better, just count the hills as penance for the loss of the extra miles.

  4. Happy birthday and happy running!

  5. Haha, LOVE the bike picture. Too funny :)

    Glad you and your little guy are feeling better. We have seen SO MUCH STREP THROAT in clinic this week and last, it is crazy. Crazy how the same germs are on the west coast and the east coast at the same time. (Yesterday, the kid I swabbed for strep coughed--and by cough, I mean spit--all over my face, yuck!).

    Good luck this weekend, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

  6. LOVE IT!! 13 racing=18 normal... that is what I am telling myself anyway..


  7. What a great Picture! Indeed - Friends are important : )

  8. Love that photos! Priceless!

    I think I am next on the Bad Moomy Award. I left littlest SHOES at the house this morning! I carried him to the car as usual and don't notice until we were at the sitter. Either littlest will have really dirty socks from playing outside or he won't get to play outside today - Bad Mommy = me!

    Enjoy your birthday race no matter how long you decide to make it!

  9. aww don't beat yourself up, mom's aren't meant to be perfect just to show kids how to roll with life and lad you are doin that!!

  10. Enjoy your birthday and do whatever you want!

  11. You're a super mommy :) ...Have a great birthday race...no matter how long you make it!

  12. That is certainly a nice 10 mile run - glad that your hip didn't cause you too much pain. Sometimes rest is what your body needs and you can pick up exactly where you left off.

  13. Happy Birthday! Amanda's Choice! :)

  14. Glad you and your little buddy are feeling better! Can't wait for sunday and your birthday run/lunch!!! Love ya!!

  15. Nice work on the 10 -- good luck in the half!

  16. This is my first time stopping by your blog, but I saw you listed on Tall Mom's High 5 Friday and wanted to stop by and wish you luck on Sunday!

    Cute pic on the bike! Gotta take time to have a little fun!!


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