Monday, March 29, 2010

And I’m Spent

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I had a lot on my mind and today’s 18 miler was only a fleeting thought, until I watched my projector clock on the ceiling hit 1:36 A.M. How the heck was I going to run 18 miles after only 5 hours of sleep (my Little Buddy gets up early)? And the rain was pounding my window. It was not relenting. Oh well. I thought about my gear and what I would wear.

Morning came and the rain was still coming down. This was not your normal Seattle rain, this was Midwest type of rain. Pounding down and making puddles everywhere. Jessica called me at 9 AM with the bad news, she had gotten called in to work. Oh well, I would head out in time to run the last half of my 18 with her on the bike. I slowly started to get dressed and all my gear ready. Then around 11:30 I got a text from Jessica, she had to stay longer than planned. Crud. I was on my own.

I looked outside and the rain has slowed, it was a sprinkle. So I hit the road with my water belt. That lasted .48 of a mile and I turned around and took it home. I can’t stand that thing. It was so bad I opted for the Nathan hand held bottle (that should tell you something click HERE for the back story on that). So I set out again. The rain had picked up but it wasn’t bad.

My first 5 miles were wet but bearable and I held around a 9:30/mile pace. Around mile 6 the heavens opened up and the ocean fell on my head. I couldn’t even see where I was going. I gave up puddle jumping, there was no point. I was soaked to the bone. People huddled under overhangs and in bus stop shelters. One guy looked at me like I had lost my mind. I don’t blame him. Water was pouring off the brim of my hat and made a waterfall affect in front of my face. It made me think of Erica’s comment yesterday, “...stick your tongue out while will be an easy way to stay hydrated :)” It made me smile for a second and I gave it a try. Salty. Ick. Sweat from my hat must have been mixing with the rain…or it truly was the ocean falling on my head. So that didn’t work out so well.

I kept running. I kept telling myself that I just had to get far enough away from home so that when I turned around I had no choice but to make 18 miles. I found myself heading down toward the waterfront when the bits of ice started to fly through the air, aiming at my eyeballs. I lowered my head and kept going. This was truly ridiculous. I then decided that I would make my way home for a quick wardrobe change and finish up on the treadmill. So I kept running along the waterfront. The usually crowded sidewalk was barren.

I was freezing and wet. I headed up a huge hill at a snails pace and new I was about 3 or 4 miles from home. So all I could do was keep on trucking. Finally at around 10 miles the sun came out, the rain was still falling but the sun was shining. Then the rain stopped and the wind was ferocious. So I began to get really really cold. I just wanted to get home.

I made it home with 12 miles done. I couldn’t even get the key in my door because my fingers were frozen (I don’t think it was that cold but the wind was what got me). I finally made it in and stripped out of my clothes, right there in the kitchen. I wanted those clothes OFF. Lazy Dog looked at me like I had lost my mind, and maybe I did. I wrapped up in a towel so I could get dry enough to put on the second set of clothes for the treadmill.

I had high hopes for 6 miles on the treadmill. It didn’t happen. I got to the Y and had ZERO motivation and was running short on time, I had to get my Little Buddy to karate. I ran, slowly. My hip was aching and my side hurt. My stomach still felt cold and I was not feeling it. I hit three miles on the treadmill at 3:30 and QUIT. that’s right folks, I QUIT. I straight up hit the big fat red STOP button and Quit. Could I have done the last 3 miles? Yes. I don’t know why I didn’t, other than not wanting to stumble in to Karate looking like a crazed homeless woman with hair that could be fostering a few birds and rats. I had to get my Little Buddy and get home to shower.


15 miles in 2:32/10:07 pace

So while 15 miles is a good distance it is not 18 miles and I am feeling mentally challenged. I MUST get my 20 in next week. Any volunteers to run, bike, rollerblade, dance, drive, scoot, fly, or drag me along?

27 days until OKC Marathon.

Today I am grateful for:

Surviving this stupid run today.


  1. I would totally volunteer to knock out 20 miles with you, but it's a bit of a drive.

    You know, you made it farther than a lot of people would have. 12 miles in the rain is no joke, and from what it sounds like that was 12 miles in a torrential downpour, which is a great feat. I think miles in such conditions actually count as 1.5 miles or something, so you got more done than you thought...

    And then to knock out three more on the treadmill, cold and wet and blah... you did great.

    Stay strong and hang in there! You'll get it done! I've got faith in you!

  2. Wow. You amaze me. And you make me feel like a total wuss. I almost canned it on a 3-miler today with just the threat of rain. You ran in ice forgoodnesssakes!

    I guess some runs just suck. Especially in Western Washington weather. I have serious doubts as to how many people would have stuck it out as long as you did. That's pretty awesome! Keep it up.

  3. Holy cow- that is impressive that you did 12 miles in that downpour!! If you can mentally get yourself through that I think you can make it through anything!

  4. Kudos for completing 12 miles in rain and hail, then changing, driving to another location, and running 3 more. It may not have been 18, but it was a tough 15. Comparatively speaking, those last 3 are very insignificant. Sounds like you did a great job to me!

  5. That sounds like one tough run. I go out in pretty much anything but that weather sounds horrendous esp. for a lot of miles. You did great.

  6. I think you did a great job! Running in that kind of rain is difficult and to run as far as you did... Amazing!

  7. Damn girl you made it a lot farther than I would have gone, congrats!

  8. I am sorry my hydration idea did not work out...I totally thought I had that one in the bag, maybe I should think up some sort of filter for your hat?

    I kid...your a total bad ass 12 miles in torrential down pour and 3 more after that!! Your awesome

  9. That is such a tough run. My bet is that if you had the company, you would have made it, but going it alone? So hard! Don't beat yourself up over those three miles. You'll be fine if you get the 20 in this week.

  10. Wow! Talk about womaning-up and pushing through a tough run. You have my admiration!

  11. You are so amazing! My heart feels for you and how frustrated you are but give yourself some credit girl! NOBODY would have stuck that out like you did. You are going to rock in OKC! If it wasn't a 30+ hour drive, I would volunteer to chase after you on your 20 next week. I could try to run you over in a golf cart to keep you at pace!!! Hang in there girl!!!

  12. No worries - you are going to get the mileage in and will do well at OKC.

  13. Rain is one thing. Cold rain is completely different. But it's good training. You never know what race day will be like.

  14. I would LOVE it if we could find a way to run 20 together. But alas my weekends are all I have. Way to fight through and get in the miles you did. Less than a month.. WOWZERS!!

  15. I don't think you have anything to feel bad about, you hung in there longer than i would have in that weather!!! good for you. as for yreadmill running, absolutely hate it, so
    i would not have even gone to that trouble!!

  16. Hi! Our adult running camp is this July in Vermont and we think you and your followers might be interested in coming! Can you send me an e-mail and I'll send you the details? For now, check out our website at Thanks! And you are quite the warrior runner! Those conditions sounded miserable! - Emily

  17. Oh, this made me laugh - not because it's so funny you got stuck in that situation, but because I live in the midwest and have dealt with crazy weather like that so many times! Sometimes the best you can do is throw up your hands and say tomorrow is another day. At least you know you're prepared for anything now!

    Oh, and also - I was commenting to introduce myself, I'm Kristen - aka the running lawyer, aka the frequently absent blogger, aka friend of Tall Mom who is also running OKC in a few weeks! I just saw Beka's slightly creepy email to you so figured I'd introduce myself as well. If you need any race tips, hit us up!

  18. Well, you already know I was thinking about you out there (and hoping you weren't actually out there).

    What day are you going to run 20?

  19. i know one thing. that run is going to do nothing but totally prepare you for what could be brutal midwest weather at OKC. the last two years i've done it? horrid weather! glad we got to chat today. also, i threw up a little in my mouth when i saw you posted the elevation. brought back lootttttsss of memories from last year. 25 days!! :)

  20. My last day of work is Tuesday night. After that I have seven off, if I can use your bike or Jess' I can bike beside you for 20. We'll talk ! I am so proud and think you are amazing! Way to be strong through this grossness!

  21. We are looking forward to cheering you on at the OKC Marathon! Please let anyone and everyone who hasn't booked rooms for the marathon that we at the Hilton Garden Inn Oklahoma City North/Quail Springs has several King Single rooms still open to runners! They can call 405-752-5200 to make their reservations. See you soon!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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