Friday, October 2, 2009

Farewell Run....

Oh I am so dramatic. :) The Hubs is headed out of town for the weekend so this morning I got to go for a great 3 mile run with him, which is a real treat and he hasn't been able to since his pretty serious ITB injury back in May. But let me back up.

Yesterday was my 35 min tempo run. It went ok. Tempos are not my favorite workout. I started out the first 10 min pretty slow, 10 min/mile to 9 min/mile pace. Then I slowly sped up every minute or less until I was running at around 7:30 min/mile range. By the time I hit that pace I only had to hold it for about 5 minutes then started to slow it down for the remaining 6 min. I was SO sweaty! I have never been so sweaty before! I was running on the treadmill and it was unusually hot in the gym but man, was I soaked. AN the RB was on the treadmill one over from me and she laughed at me because I had a perfect dry spot in the shape of my sports bra, the rest of the shirt was drenched. Ewe. In the end, the workout was done and I was happy.

So, today’s stats are my best yet!
3.05 miles
384 calories
155 bpm (average heart rate)
Mile 1: 8:15.52
Mile 2: 8:16.60
Mile 3: 8:03.60 (Wowzers!)

So I guess I need to run with The Hubs more often!!!

Now, I am a day off of my plan which works out ok. I can do my short 3 miler at the gym tomorrow (while my Little Buddy is in the nursery), rest Sunday, and hit my longer 7 mile run on Monday.

Today I am grateful for:
A good run.
Sore sore sore abs and hip flexors from Ab Ripper P90X!
Trips to the dog park!


  1. That is GREAT that you got to run with your hubs and you hit a SWEET pace.. OK so your move on the Running Meet up.. I am going to do 12 or and hour and 45 tomorrow and 14 miles next weekend..

  2. P90X and running is very hard-core. Awesome work.

  3. I love reading your posts, every time I read something and think to myself: have to remember that. Today it's tempo run's: need to do that too.

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Sometimes a little drama is a very good thing. :)

    Great pace times, definitely picking up! You are going to be SOOOO ready for the Seattle 1/2!

    Hope you and Mel get to meet up soon for a run. My meet-up w/ Morgan definitely made a difference in my thinking, some sort of runner camaraderie thing or something! It was awesome to run w/ a bloggy friend. You guys will have so much fun!

    hugs from orlando,

  5. Amanda, thanks for looking up the 5k training plans for me!! I like both especially the hal hogdon one (i think i spelled that right). Yes I have to remind myself I can tweek things, sometimes I get so set on a schedule that I forget. So glad you got to run with your hubby! That must have been great! I love your "today I am thankful for" part! it makes me smile at the end off everyone of your blog posts!

  6. I'm not a fan of tempos either. I usually end up skipping them, preferring either to just push myself a little harder for the same amount of time. Probably not as good.. oh well :)
    Hope you had a great weekend!! You husband is one speedy guy ;)


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