Thursday, October 8, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

What is the worst thing that could happen if I challenge myself?


I am quite sure I will not get squashed by a giant... I am guilty of conjuring up the worst case scenario or playing the What if game. During my last half marathon I wore last years capri tights, I love those tights. But they have seen one race too many, one washing too many. They are thin. I'm talking you can see skin underneath thin! Not good. I got one last wear out of them and during the race I kept worrying that the stitching was going to give, they would split at the seam and leave my bare bottom for the world to see. Those tights held it together throughout the entire race (thank God). My point is that I have a bad habit of expecting the worst, passing up awesome opportunities because of what if, not taking chances because I am afraid to fail, or afraid of not living up to what I expect.

What are you putting off because of fear, what ifs, or the worst case scenario?

And now, how can I say no to all you bloggies out there encouraging me to run with THE Tall Mom on the Run? It’s a date! Thanks everyone! And Mel, I will most likely wear spandex (not my see through ones) and it is NOT cute.

Today is my weird workout day. I teach water aerobics so that was the first thing on my morning agenda. Then I did my easy three miles which was a relief to my sore rear, and weights. Man, I still can’t believe this soreness in my bottom. No wonder the Seattle Half marathon kicked my bootie last year, I was NOT in hill shape. I am thinking after a few more Hill Interval training sessions I will be at least a little bit better off than last year.

On a side note, Lynda Drews sent me a copy of her new book Run at Destruction, a true story about a close-knit culture of long-distance runners (i.e. people like you and me!). And to top it all off it was described by Sean Ryan, the Race Director of the Cellom Green Bay Marathon, as being "the John Grisham of the running world...". I can't wait to read it and give my book report! And there might be a little somthin' somethin' in it for you too! Maybe my first give away!?

Today I am grateful for:
Being healthy. You know how when you are sick all you can think about is how awesome it would be to not be sick? Well I am grateful for not being sick.
Tiny pumpkins scattered throughout my house.
A running date with Mel this weekend!
A good book to get lost in!

Run Happy Peeps!

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  1. Note to self - do not challenge a giant to a trail race...

  2. OK if the shoe is a reference to me the date is CANCELLED.. LOL..

    Rock the spandex with confidence...I do :) Oh Target has some good pairs for <$25 with zipper pockets...probably cheaper than what you will find at Fleet Feet... But who knows. I need a thicker pair.

    I am a perfectionist by nature...I thrive in the things I do well at and think worst case for those things that dont come natural.. I will not even try certain things for fear of failure..

    OK it is a DATE.. See you at 9 pretty girl!

  3. Have a great run with Mel.

    My fear is in my exercising: most of the times before I start something wheater it's a run of doing the shred at home I always think I'm not going to make it. Especially at my runs I'm still insecure even though after six months I should know better. Hopefully this changes in the future and will I be more confident about myself.

  4. Ha, ha! I totally conjure up worst case scenarios for everything! It's outta hand.

    Have fun running w/Mel!

  5. I'm so jealous you get to run with Mel!! Have fun! And thanks for sharing this with us and for the book mention. I am always looking for a good read.

  6. How fun!

    I too find myself playing the WHAT IF game and thinking of the worst possible things that could happen, almost convincing myself that they will happen.

    Usually I'll try to take a step back and put on my "rational" hat - this is hard at times - but it seems to work!


  7. Can't wait to hear about your run w/Mel!

    PS - Your squashing pic made me laugh. Thanks for the words of wisdom. :)


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