Monday, October 26, 2009

AN the RB saves Lazy Runner

I have been in a slump.
I have wanted to run.
I have been thinking about running.
I have felt guilty for not running.
I have 15 excuses as to why I have not been running.
I have been beating myself up for not running.
I have been thinking about how hard it is to get into the
habit of, but how EASY it is to fall out of the habit.
I have been teetering on the edge of no longer being a runner.
I know, those are like bad words! Straight from the running devil!
I know!
I know!

Thank goodness for AN the RB! She met me this morning and we went for a nice 5 mile run. It had been pouring rain earlier this morning but it died down for 51 minutes. Not a single drop fell from the sky to land on us. Although there were plenty of puddles that we jumped over in unison and wet branches and bushes that soaked my arms. But in all it was a perfect running weather morning! Thank goodness! I have a sick feeling that if I had not run this morning I very well may have gone another week without a run. Ugh. So. Not. Good.

AN the RB snapped a few post run pictures for me. I wanted to show off my awesome running sleeves in action! They were AWESOME!

Today I am grateful:
that I got my act together and went for a run!
for a fun evening with some other wives from my hubby's work, including a runner!
for vacation on Friday!!!!
2nd and 3rd chances.

Run Happy friends!

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  1. Luv the sleeves girl! Rock 'em!

    And for shame... attempting to leave running like that! You are lucky running is so forgiving!!! :)

  2. Dig the psychedelic sleeves!

  3. Email me so I can respond to your comment "off the record" :)

    redheadrunning (@) gmail

  4. You scared me with the first lines: you're my running inspiration and you not running: that's impossible.

    But reading further I'm glad you picked it up again!

    You look awesome!

  5. OK those sleeves are so you... LOVE LOVE them and your posing makes me Smile.

    OK did I break you? I swear you went into a slump just after we met.. :( So glad that you found your way back. You are too good at running to give it up.

    Rain oh rain... UGH!!

    Giveaway on the Blog today...HUGS!!

  6. Nice!! Glad you got out for a run!

  7. I'm glad you got back out there. I bet it's just fall that's making it hard to run. LOVE the sleeves!

  8. Congrats on the run.. i love the running sleeves!

  9. You are not allowed to stop running!! You are such motivation to all of us....I guess we will have to turn the tables and motivate you for a while!! I have not run for over a week, and I am dying...knee issues...ortho on Thursday......uggghhhh!!!
    Glad you got out there and did it......


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