Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It’s starting to be that time of year…

Sorry I have been MIA from Bloggy Land the last couple of days. It seems it is that time of year when things start to get crazy. I have taken on a couple of new responsibilities that have me stretched a little thin, but not to worry I chose to run over blog when I have to. Plus I have been reading the book that Lynda Drews sent me, Run at Destruction. I am usually a slow reader and with races to train for, a four year old running around crazy, and a husband in the Army my reading time is limited. BUT I have been hooked simply because it is about people like me, runners, normal people who lace up their shoes and log the miles. So I will finish the book and give my report.

Yesterday I did an easy four mile run. Stats are:
Mile 1: 9:10
Mile 2: 8:54
Mile 3: 8:47
Mile 4: 8:56

Not a bad run! And today is a tempo run, my least favorite.

Today I am grateful:
that I have running to keep me grounded.
for hugs from my little buddy.

Run Happy Peeps!


  1. GOOD RUN! I too am not a fan of tempo runs...I am actually looking to change my training plan to take them out.. HEHEHE..

    Will keep you posted on the other thing.. Yes I am an anal rule follower...not sure why I even said anything..

  2. It's not a problem that you don't blog every day, is it? Not to me anyway, I don't blog every day either. My nr. 1 priority is working out or running so I'll do that before I allow myself to do other things I like.

    Good job on the run!

  3. Nice pace, girl! Tempo runs are better than hill repeats, no? Let's debate. :)

  4. Great pace on your 4 miler and no big dealon the blogging! We all do through crazy times! It is important that you are keeping up the running! Great job!!

  5. Funny you should mention motivation...I have been an unmotivated SLOTH this week... BAD really bad. So the race director said that I could work off my entry fee $10 an hour of work...hmmmm?? If I lived closer to Seattle I might consider it. I found an Seattle 1/2 Marathon bib on Craigslist for $65....but I am not sure... The Volleyball and long run combo is killing my legs. I may have to bow out gracefully on this one and promise to pace you in the future.. Would that be Ok??

    Sorry for even brining up the idea...but the good part was it got people chatting on my Blog LOL..

    OK off to get in a plan calls for Tempo but I am not feeling it... See BAD!!

  6. Hey Amanda,

    Time really is at a premium, isn't it? But I choose running over blogging, too! We have our priorities straight, right? :) (usually??)

    And the whole 'mommy thing' is amazing. I don't know HOW you guys do it! I have TONS of respect for you gals that make that commitment.

    Great 4-miler! Wishing we had your weather these days. Sigh....

    Take care - hugs from Orlando,

  7. hey! I saw your comment on Ruthie's blog and thought, "yay! another turkey trotter!" So thought I'd come over and say hooray for moms who run! And I'm so jealous of your arm-warmie things!

  8. I'm still not sure what a tempo run is- but I'm going to look it up! Those are good times for each mile :)

    Cannot wait to hear about the book!


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