Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Short and Not-So-Sweet

Today I was in a mood. Not quite sure what kind of mood it was but it was not exactly good. Normally a good run makes that mood go away, not today.

I set out for an easy 7 miles. Immediately I realized it was not going to be easy and to make things even more awesome (insert sarcasm here) I had over dressed. A mile in I tied my sweat shirt around my waist and continued on (annoying). Normally, I can lose myself in my thoughts and find myself in La La Land, not today. I have had some heavy things on my mind lately and I guess it carried over to my run and my LEGS. They felt heavy and just didn’t want to move. My right shin started aching and I started focusing on that ache. Not a good idea. With every step I could feel it and it felt like my leg might just snap in half if I hit the next step at just the wrong angle. Ewe! That would not be good. Then I imagined how that conversation would go, “Hi honey, my leg just snapped in two at the shin. Think you could give me a lift? Oh, whose phone am I using? Some stranger who just stopped to gawk at this sick leg wound.” I told you all I can be dramatic.

Needless to say I survived 4 measly miles without my leg snapping in two. I call today a success. And so it seems I am facing some early signs of my old shin splints. Yay ME.

Today’s stats:
4 Miles-slow.

Tomorrow I am planning on hitting up a hill to do my ¼ mile intervals. We will see how that goes.

Today I am grateful:
Burgers cooked on the grill.
My Little Buddy’s wild imagination that cracks me up constantly.
Houses that decorate for Halloween!
Costa Rican Coffee...mmmm....
Tall Mom is giving away some GU so head over and check it out! (click HERE!)


  1. Just in case your leg does snap in two, I'd rethink that first phone call. Your hubby has enough training to reattach the leg right there, thus causing a really big crowd and possibly a news camera or two. That sure would be cool, huh?

    Good luck with the shin splints. Not fun. Tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. Ice, ice, ice for those shins, and new sneaks if you need them.

    I hate those runs where you don't quite find your groove. Sometimes it means a day off with a good book is in order. Hope you feel better next time.

    So happy to find another running mama blogger and looking forward to following along!

  3. Sorry girl... take it easy, R.I.C.E. and try not to let Negative Nancy eat away at you!

  4. Oh my gosh - you tied a sweathshirt around your waist? It's like I don't even know you...

  5. Bummer about the run...so you know what would be a GREAT way to have a super fun run? Run with me this weekend.. Hehehe.. Let me know because if you can't I may recruit Charity to ride with me..

    Thanks for the plug.. I sure hope your legs does not snap in 2...YUCKERS!!

  6. Sometimes there just those days where nothing seems to go right but good for you that you kept on running! Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  7. Amanda,

    I hope tomorrows run goes better! Sometimes we let our mind get the best of us...and your shins seem to be getting the best of you too! ick. I am however glad to hear that there was NO snappage! I will check in tomorrow to make sure you are still in one piece!

    Hope the rest of your day goes better!

  8. Isn't it crazy how sometimes you just aren't "on?" Well, there's another one tomorrow!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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