Saturday, October 10, 2009

8 Miles of Jib.Er.JAB.Er.

My how time and miles fly when you are having fun! This morning was the anticipated running date with Mel Tall Mom on the Run! And let me tell you she is ON THE RUN! I don't think she got winded OR sweaty during our 8 miles. :) Not only did we run well together but we chit chatted the miles away. i loved hearing her story and about her! It is just so much fun to get to know new people, especially people who share the same interests (i.e. running, kiddos, husbands our own of course, and blogging). I did look at my Garmin each time I heard it beep but on our out and back I was surprised when we had gone 4 miles and it was time to turn around. I even scored a taste test of her GU Chomps! It was delicious and I think I may be hooked. The Gu Chomp is not all that I scored….. check out my new Moeben Arm Sleeves! She wasn't kidding when she said she bribed me with gifts! :) They are super soft and awesome! I didn't wear them this morning because I was wearing a long sleeved shirt but I absolutely can not wait to give them a try!

I had to share these pictures to show you how cute the sleeves are AND how silly my little buddy is!

Stats for today's run. It will be fun to see how these compare with Mel's. I think I started my watch before we actually began to run, hence the slower first mile.
mile 1-9:31
mile 2-9:06
mile 3-9:11
mile 4-8:55
mile 5-10:27 (I didn't stop my timer when we stopped for a chomp and water, oh well)
mile 6-9:04
mile 7-8:58
mile 8-8:58

I am happy to have gotten some sub 9 min miles in there! This is the fastest longer run I have done thus far! And I felt pretty good! It is amazing what a running partner will do for you! I am also pretty impressed by the pace, look at mile 7 and 8! And we were just chatting away, not really paying any attention to our high-tech watches for pace and speed!

At the end of my 8 miles we snapped a quick picture, parted ways and Mel continued on to finish her 14 miles! WAY TO GO!!! And thanks for the great run!

Today I am grateful for:
a new friend and running buddy!
my Uggs.
clean laundry!
lazy Saturdays...AFTER a good run!

Run Happy Peeps!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great run with a great woman.

    And may I say: you're a beautiful woman!

  2. WOW those sleeves fit you PERFECT!! Levi is too cute!! And I am glad you like the chomps...they are sold at REI stores and most runing stores, you had the Strawberry yesterday. I had a BLAST will get the info up soon. I did stop my watch LOL, I usually try to run and Gu but I knew my belt was a little overstuffed yesterday. I can't wait to run with you again, just let me know. My happy pace is just below 9 minute miles so I was very comfortable.. Thanks for the honk and wave as you went by that made me smile. The last 6 miles went by much much slower...even though I was running faster.

    Funny how you can meet someone and know that you will click. I officially have a new friend :)

  3. great blog! found you through Tall Mom on the Run!!! :)

  4. nice job Speedy! So glad you had a great run with Tall Mom Mel, knew you would....

  5. Awe, how fun! It sounds like you guys had a blast. Congrats on the sub 9s, that's awesome. I love the sleeves.

    BTW - GU Chomps are sweet! I've tried Orange and Strawberry so far...addicted!

  6. so jealous of the two of you. Happy you have found a new running buddy. Great sleeves... I need to hook myself up with a pair.

  7. those armsleeves are AWESOME!!!

    congrats on a sweet meet-up at a sweet pace with a sweet bloggy buddy!

  8. How fun that you got to run together! Those arm warmers are sweet!! So jealous!


  9. Sounds so fun! Love the arm sleeves. Woo hoo!


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