Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hills make my Bottom hurt

Today’s run was a little lot better than yesterday. Thanks to all you who reminded me that we sometimes have those not-so-good running days. Yesterday was the worst I have had in a long time.

My schedule called for 7x400m Intervals at 5K pace. I had planned on doing my run in the morning, but this cold, crisp air is making my morning runs a real challenge for me. So I went to work and decided to do my run this afternoon. I got home from work and cracked open a Vanilla Bean Gu. I don’t normally use these unless I am dong a long training run or in a race but today I felt sluggish. Plus I have GU on the mind (thanks to Tall Mom’s awesome Little Pink GU giveaway, check it out HERE)! I think it really helped me today in my work out!

I found a good hill that was just under 400 meters long with a flat start and a flat ending. I ran up that stupid hill SEVEN times. Normally when I do my intervals I run my fast one and jog a slow one (on a track). Today I decided to run up the hill and walk down. I didn’t want my down hills to be my fast splits after all (and I am being nice to my shin). My fast splits were slightly slower than they usually are on the track by about 10- 20 seconds, no surprise there

Today’s Stats:

1/2 mile warm up

2:04.00/ 3:45.63
1:54.65/ 3:57.72
2:04.58/ 3:39.02
2:10.14/ 3:59.46
2:01.13/ 3:46.11
2:04.78/ 4:07.56
2:02.50/ 3:57.53
3.5 Miles

4 Miles total

Overall it seems my splits were pretty consistent. Even so, I really wanted to quit. When I got three down I told myself that one more and I could quit, after all this was not normal interval training…BUT I didn’t. I did my fifth one and then there were only 2 left. You know that feeling you get when you wanted to quit but you stuck it out and didn’t quit? Well that is how I felt when I finished my last uphill. Pretty darn good.

My shin was not feeling 100% but it felt much better than yesterday. Plus this hill really kicked my booty. Literally, my bottom hurts.

Ok, now for a true confession. I might run with Mel over at Tall Mom on the Run this weekend (not familiar with her blog? Click the link above for the GU giveaway)! Now the truth is I think she may plum outrun me. :) I am new to this sub 9 min/mile business and have not dabbled in the sub 8 min/mile realm yet (not to mention that I can barely hold this pace for more than a few miles). I don’t want to slow her down. Although if she stops at another garage sale mid run I might stand a chance! She has 14 miles on her plan, I have 8. I could catch her at the tail end of her 14 and run her last 8, and I am sure she will still be faster. Should I do it?

Today I am grateful for:
An awesome $100 Fleet Feet gift card purchased for $50!
Hot showers!
My Little Buddy's super silly back to school pictures, he is that kid making the funny face in the class picture (classic).
Cozy blankets!

Run Happy Peeps!

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  1. Great job on the hills! They will make you so much stronger! I say run with Mel! Have fun!

  2. Sounds like an awesome workout - and the scenery is awesome. I love your pictures!

    You should totally run with Mel - have you met her before? I'm jealous of everyone who has blogging buddies they can run with. Where do you live - I might have to make a move! :-)

  3. How fun that you get to run with Mel! Do it! After looking at your pics, I want to run with you (but maybe not up and down a hill 7 times)! What a beautiful area.

  4. You should run with Mel - just for the fun of it! Don't worry about pace!

  5. You gotta do it! First off, Mel's pretty darn awesome, who wouldn't want to meet her? And you're pretty darn awesome, so she should def want to meet you! And Blogger meet-ups are so much fun! You get to nerd out about running and believe me, she'll slow down for you IF NEEDED but honestly ya'll will get so caught up in the run that before you know it you'll be done and wanting to go further just to hang out more.

    I LOVE the pics, they are beautiful!!! You get to run in such a beautiful place!

    Good job on the hills (even if they hurt!)

    S.R.S (Sucky run syndrome) sucks but it happens, just put it behind you and run on!

  6. I wish I lived close enough to run with Mel! Go for it! She'd make a great running partner! :)

  7. Chiming in on running with Mel! I have to agree with you, her times are intimidating!! But, I think she'd be a fabulous running buddy! :)Do it! :)

  8. Hehehe I have lightly recruited a few of my Bloggy friends to pester you into submission.. FYI I will run sub 10's if you want to :) I TRULY do not care about my time. It will be a blast to run with someone...especially someone I can talk running with.. Let me know when you can.

    I am a (DORK) PLANNER so would like to have Saturday set. If you can't I will line up pressure :)

    And FYI warn me if you don't like HUGS!!

  9. Run with Mel for sure. any chance to run with a fellow bloggy/runner/friend, you should take it. I would give anything for a running partner. (the dog doesn't count) :)

  10. Go run with Tall Mom! You both sound awesome and what could be more fun?

  11. I say do it! (as I post from the land o' Nike) I lived in Tacoma for three years and am always trying to picture (or more like remember) where you've been running that day, so it'll be just like I'm there with you and Tall Mom too!

  12. run with MEL the best ever tall mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ABSOLUTELY DO IT! I am Ang, the one that ran 14 miles with Mel back in Aug. It was a dream! I had the same fears, but she ran my pace and I know she really didn't care. She was so excited to have someone to run with, as was I! We talked and talked and the 14 miles seemed like it flew by! As for you scheduling 8 and her 14, I'm sure you can work it out. Let me know how it goes! Mel is a GREAT gal!!!

  14. Mel soooooo wants you to run with her!!! I would love to join both of you and she is way faster than me!!! I run with buddies of all paces, if I am the faster one, I slow a bit and the slower buddy tends to run faster than normal by default. If I am the slower one, I tend to push a bit harder! It is a win - win situation all the way around! What is better than new friends and running partners!! I guess FL is a bit too far to trot over to meet you guys but I'll be there in spirit!!! Go for it!!!!! Have fun and I can't wait to see some pics!!!

  15. OK I more than lightylr receruited...but hey you put it out in Bloggy land so what could I do but respond.. Hehehe maybe you got a few new Bloggy buddies :)

    I will send you an email or FB with the details. It may be easier to run the first part together and then I will run the rest?? That way I can time it a little better.. I will bring the camera :)

  16. DO it! you will have so much fun and the 8 miles will go so much faster with someone to talk to :)

  17. I hope you run with Mel and have a great time. She is awesome...and I'm not just saying that. We are friends in "real life" not just bloggy-sphere. We've known each other for 15+ years:)


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