Thursday, April 18, 2013

Track and Gym and Road...

...oh me, oh my!

Since Sunday's half marathon, which I haven't recapped yet (oops), I have decided that I kinda like running again. Variety. That is the spice of life. Right? At least that's what they say....who are they anyway? Well, neither here nor there, I think they are right.

When I lived and ran the streets of the PNW I had variety. My route was never the same. Always changing, always a left turn here, a new alley there, a random street was great. My neighborhood now is so vanilla...ugh. I don't want to be ok with vanilla. I need chocolate syrup, brownie chunks and sprinkles on top. So the lack of variety in my routes has been a thorn in my side since Day 7 of moving to NC.  I know that. I KNEW that. I have known that this entire time.


Things don't change on their own. I know this too. I point this out to people every single day, over and over. Do you want to change? What are you going to do about it? It's not gonna just happen, it takes something to initiate the change. If you want something do something about it. In my case maybe what happened in Boston was what I needed to initiate change. But I will say after Sunday's half I felt the spark. It was there.

I have been doing my best to mix things up and not be so boring. This morning I did a treadmill run. I had forgotten how much I (kinda) like the treadmill. With the lack of any good hills around here it is about the only way I can get in good, convenient hill training. I set it on incline of 4 and went from 4 to 7 and back to 4 for some variation.  I was eyeing a Jacob's Ladder thing next to the treadmill but decided against trying it for fear of making a scene of myself....all legs and little coordination=trouble... I did some weights after my run. I like lifting after I run because if I do it right I can keep my heart rate up and continue the cardio workout. Tuesday I hit the track for speed work of 400m intervals @ 7-7:30 min/mile pace. I only did 4 with a 400m warm up, 400m recovery between and a 400 cool down, 2.5 miles all together. I was dunnnnzo after that. I remember the days when I could do 10 of those all at a 6:00-6:30 min/mile pace.'s a start. With the weather nice these days I hope to start meeting up with the local running club at the track on Wednesday nights.  I've been itching to hit the pool....soon I will.  And finally I set my bike up on the trainer...


So there you have it. I'm spicing things up. How have you spiced things up?


  1. No spice here. The weather is too snowy for things to be spicy. Anxious to hear the half recap. I've kinda lost my spark too, curious how you got yours back!

  2. No spice here, either! Except we are doing a race in Hawaii in a couple weeks! :-)

  3. Running a RACE today was FUN for me :) Miss you buddy!


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