Monday, April 1, 2013

Priorities People...

Where are my priorities? I've been asking myself this a lot lately. It is no secret I have been struggling to maintain my love and commitment to running since I moved to NC. I have been trying so hard to force something that's just not there....the spark is gone.  Even though I want so badly for it to be, it's just not. It's gone.  It's just not the same anymore. When I think back to the hundreds of miles I spent with RED, Tall Mom, AN the RB, my heart beats faster and my eyes tear up. I miss you all..... I have written many posts about my Running Buddies and how much I love them...and how much I owe them, how much they kept me going, physically and emotionally, over the miles we spent together. I'd give anything for a good long run with each of you....But reality is you are far, far away....too far for a lunch run, or a Saturday long run.

This brings me back to my priorities. What are mine these days? I hardly even know anymore. I've decided to back off of running. Stop pressuring myself to do it. It's not working as a stress reliever or an escape anymore. It's a chore. But these days I need something to reduce stress. With the nature of my job I take on so much, so much emotional pain of others, on top of my own, and it starts to weigh heavy on my shoulders. I can feel it a lot lately. Since I have cut back on running I can feel the tension in my muscles and the weight of it all I can see in my face....I have been holding on though, waiting for summer. Waiting for the beach! Last summer that was my outlet. That is where I went and let the sand, sun and salt water just wash it all away. I am so close now! 

In the mean time, the times between when I have to work and can't just sit on the beach, I have been increasing my yoga practice. It's helped a lot, except for Friday when J-Ninja drug me to a power yoga class that literally killed me. My arms and back and butt are still sore.  I'm hoping to hit up the outdoor pools for some lap swim and Rachel has been asking about doing some Tris with her this summer. So maybe I'll dust off Nelly and get back in to the Tri scene.  That brings a smile to my face! 

Saturday I hit up the Renaissance Day Spa, thanks to my amazing fellow PNW Transplant friend...I have amazing friends, what else can I say?

Doesn't get much better than this!
So for now, because I can't hit up the spa or the beach every day, I'll run when I want to....I do have two half marathons coming up. One is on April 14th. I'm not exactly ready and I may just skip out on it. I guess I'll decide 5 Mile Style.....the night before.

Outside of running, yoga, tris, and the beach, LB and I decided to plant a garden. It should keep us busy throughout the summer. We worked on it all afternoon, digging up sand and mixing in "good garden dirt". Digging is a heck of a workout and my arms and back are killing me. But it was (and will be, since I'm only half way done with our round, circular garden) totally worth it when we have fresh fruits and vegetables!

Lazy Dog helped me plant herbs for the porch.....and some flowers.
LB digging out one quadrant so we could add the good dirt to our sand.....

And half of our circle garden is planted!!

I think it looks pretty good!


  1. Sometimes backing away from something like running may be just what we need.

    My mom is an avid gardener, and I tell you what she has some pretty damn good muscles from it. Hauling things around and constantly bending down in weird positions and using your arms. It's a workout!

  2. I lost my running spark when I moved from San Diego to DC. Now I live in Albany, Ny and I am slowly getting it back. It took a while for me to find routes that I enjoyed even remotely as much as I did while running in socal. I took a ton of time off and am now enjoying it again. There is no rule saying you HAVE to run. Do what makes you happy :)

  3. You never know. It may be entirely possible that running just isn't your thing right now, or anymore at all. However, fitness junkies always find a replacement obsession. Good luck finding what you love, or getting your running love back. Either way.

  4. Priorities change sometimes... it's ok and nothing to be embarrassed about or sad about! Backing off of running if it has become a chore is probably the right thing to do! You'll return to it when the time is right! :)
    BTW, LOVE your circle garden! :)

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  7. Sometimes a break from running is just what you need in order to fall in love with it again. Enjoy your summer and your free time. Love your yard!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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