Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Memorial Run...

...I think everyone and their dog ran some sort of Boston Memorial Run this past week. I'm glad I joined in the fun.

This past weekend all the running clubs in town came together for an unofficial meetup, no road closures, no permit, no support....nothing. And that was awesome. I'm not sure of the official number but it had to be over 100 runners.

I was a bit worried because I had LB with me. Sometimes he can be difficult, stubborn, and just plain refuse to participate. I know I can force him with threats and punishment but that's not usually my parenting approach. So I wasn't sure how this run would go, one of two ways: good or very, very bad.

To my surprise when we rolled out of bed at 6:30 AM I told him to get dressed and ready for a run. He grumbled a little bit about not wanting to but all I had to do was say, "It's a Memorial run, for Boston. Not an option. Put on your shoes." Done and done. He was in.

Ready to run! PLEASE excuse his attire and lack of real running shoes...
He picked his own clothes, I wasn't gonna fight it. I think he grew a few inches since 
he last wore those pants. And I have no idea what happened
to his running shoes.

We showed up, mingled a bit and then headed out for a 5k. There was no intention of running fast. I just wanted to run with LB and encourage him to make it the whole way. I haven't run with him in so long. Our last run was painful intervals, sprint and walk, sprint and walk, sprint and pacing and done half a mile later. This time he was pacing! He didn't run out and kill himself in the first quarter mile. There was a little bit of sprinting though. He saw a little girl ahead of us, probably 10 or 11 years old, no way no how was that girl going to stay in front of LB. He took off and passed her. Not three steps ahead he slowed back to a snails pace jog. It could not have been more obvious what just happened. I smiled and caught up with him.

We did have some walk breaks but for the most part LB held steady. I was so proud! Not a single part of me wanted or needed to run any faster. I had a running buddy! And not just any running, my LB Running Buddy! I hope this is the beginning of many many more runs together. I'm sure one day he will outrun me and I'm ok with that. The smile on his face when he finished and when I told him how proud  I was of him was priceless....Not only did he come out and run, he understood the cause of the run, and that makes my heart happy.

Group Shot

Sarah, Rachel and me...

Done and I think he's tired.
Finally, happy Earth Day!! Figured this is a good time to post an update on my garden....It's almost done! I just need to finish up the fence to keep Lazy Dog out and put the last of the veggies in!


  1. I hope you have many more runs with LB!

  2. That is way cool!! My little guy is at about a mile to two with me. Mostly jog/walk. But I really enjoy his company! I'm jealous of your garden skills by the way. Pretty amazing stuff there.

    1. Yes!! We did some jog walk too...but I think in no time we'll have a pretty solid 5k down!!

      GREAT JOB in OKC BTW!!! That is stellar!! Magic happens in OKC, well personally-created, and well-trained magic, I'm convinced!

  3. That's a big group of runners. Looks like lots of fun!

  4. Awesome! :) you will most definitely have more runs together! It's fun about LB speeding up to pass the girl! Lol...
    Your garden is looking fabulous! :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm pretty proud of my garden! It's coming along nicely!

      And really, where does this girl vs. boy thing come from??? HA!!

  5. I love seeing all the Runs for Boston! Love that your son was there with you too!!

    1. Me too! It was really cool! I think it's so important to get him involved in things for a cause at an early doesn't revolve around him, and he knows it. =)

  6. YOu must be soo proud of your boy!

    1. So totally proud! I was beaming ear to ear the entire time!!!


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