Sunday, December 29, 2013

Maybe, Should, Hopefully, Ought to be......

Ugh ugh ugh ugh....

Maybe 2014 will be different. It should be. Hopefully it will be. It ought to be! 

Why can't it be?

Why wouldn't it be?

The only thing standing in my way, in the way of 2014 being different, is ME. 2014 has potential to be very, very different.  I have pretty much taken 2013 off.  It is crazy to say it out loud, I took 2013 I took a long weekend from work or something. I did do a handful of races. I came back and killed the Raven Rock 5 mile trail race (although the 10 mile still kicked my backside in 2012, and I just realized I never gave you a race report on the 5 miler...whoops.). I showed up and did well in the Army DC 10 Miler. I did a color run with LB. It was supposed to be a 5k but it was barely over a mile. I completed a grueling marathon relay with a friend and co-worker, running 8 laps of 1.63 miles, alternating laps with my partner. Can you say OUCH! I was so sore for days! And I barely survived the local Army 10 miler in the heat and humidity of June in the south. So that was 5 races in 12 months. Pathetic. 

So what got into me? Why did I take the year off? 

In doing some self-relfection and self-honesty, all I can say is I was tired. Mentally, physically, emotionally tired.... I was beat up, beat down, just plain beat.  Running didn't do it for me anymore. It didn't clear my head or make life better. It didn't give me peace, it only gave me heartache and longing.  I continue to struggle with lame routes and running partners who are not compatible. No one can match up to my trusty running partners of yesteryear (you know who you are RED, Tall Mom and even at the time ANtheRB). It seems like a lifetime ago I had all the streets in the world at my doorstep with running friends who kept me going. But I know, deep down inside, I have only myself to keep me accountable. I cannot keep placing blame outside of myself. I have to find the dedication, determination, motivation to keep going. 

I felt a bit of the "....tions"(you know, dedication, determination, motivationthis weekend as I happened upon an advertisement for a local trail race, a half marathon and a full marathon. Why not? And my sister-in-law texted to ask me about training plans for a spring half! My heart fluttered a bit as I felt the familiar feeling of someone asking me for running info! It's been a long time! As I thought about a plan for her I started thinking I could do it too! Why not? Why shouldn't I? I should!  Why wouldn't I? I ought to!  

Of course my days are busy, like everyone else's. I've got work schedules and half-time with LB right now....and well a new puppy, but otherwise I've got time. I've got no one to tend to or occupy my time when LB is with his dad. So what exactly is my excuse? 

So here's to motivation, dedication, determination....and a strong will for 2014! Maybe, hopefully I will, I should, I ought to just go ahead and sign up for that trail marathon....and start training too. 

What's on your calendar for 2014? Are you taking the year off? Or will it be your biggest year yet?

And because no post is complete without a picture, here is the newest member of the 5 Mile Family, Ace!!!


  1. You are right that the first step in making 2014 great is your mindset. I wish you lots of luck and good times in 2014.

  2. You can do it. Ace is adorable!! I want a puppy!!

  3. Sometimes you just need a break or time off, then you realize what running means and you will be back.... even stronger than before! Good luck in 2014!

  4. Sometimes running doesn't offer me the peace of mind it used to offer me either. But I still keep on running. Because I don't like who I am if I don't run.

    So I won't be taking the year off.

  5. Ace is so cute! 2013 was a weird year..I took big chunks of it off as well. Here's to an active and adventurous 2014!!

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You're pretty much awesome!!


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