Wednesday, August 28, 2013


First Week Of School.

Ugh and Yippee at the same time! I'm so confused! I remember hating and loving the return of school as a kid. Summer is amazing and fun and sunny and warm and awesome. School is...well, school. As a parent my feelings have not changed. As a parent who likes to run and exercise I LOVE back to school! It frees up morning time to get my sweat on. With the bus coming at 6:51 AM though I have no choice but to get up and get around. This gives me time to work out before heading to work 4 days out of the week! But then there is the whole getting up in time to get LB to the bus by 6:51, which is stupid early I think.

The first week of school is always kind of a mess. Schedules are wonky and things are weird. But I plan to hit the new YMCA close to my house at least 3 or 4 days out of the school week. I'm ready to get into a routine but I am not ready to give up summer! I mean how can you not love this:

Flying LB!

Ah yes...the benefit of having a swimmer for a kid...I get to kick back and enjoy the show.
I think this weekend I will have one last beach trip for the summer. This makes me really sad but alas, it is coming time for fall, which isn't so bad either. 


  1. 6:51 is way too early to get on the bus.

  2. I agree, 6:51 is not alright. How can they expect a kid to be fully functioning when they have to be out to the bus by that time?

    I'm excited for fall too.

  3. Yikes 6:51? My kids would be late. Every single day.

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  5. First day of classes is really exciting!


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