Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coming clean...

I have a shameful confession....

My feet are soft. 

I know! How could this be?

I know exactly how it could be. In the last year I have logged no more than 10 miles per week, and that is pushing it, up until about a month ago. I decided I was sick and tired of not being able to run when I want, hindered by work schedules and mom responsibilities. I can't leave LB home alone at 6 AM, gotta get him ready for school and the bus. I can't leave him home alone at 8:30 at night....what if I get hit by a car or fall in a hole (that's totally realistic, it's happened before)? I just can't do that but those are the times that the urge strikes. My legs get antsy and I feel like doing something. So I decided to search Craigslist for a treadmill. Within seconds of pulling it up I found one, the first one on the list actually. I looked at it, it was nice, brand new, and the price was right. I called the number and within the hour I had a brand new treadmill sitting in my garage!

Since that day I have made it my routine to get on the treadmill at 9 o'clock PM nearly every single day. I don't run really though. I have a little bit but mostly I set the incline to no less than 4 but usually on 7, and walk at 3.9 mph for 60-90 min while watching any and everything I can on my iPad.

So here are my newest guilty TV pleasures found on Amazon, Netflix, and (I don't have cable TV):

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Extreme Weight Loss (I wish I could marry Chris Powell.)
  • The Colony

So I just walk, on an incline, and sweat and watch shows. It is great!  Except my feet are soft. I have blisters on my second toes and the inside of my heels.....All my hard work and training over the years created nice, strong calluses that protected my feet...but now with so much time off and such little mileage they are gone. And my feet hurt.

Either way I'll keep going...and next weekend I'll put my incline walking to the test when I head out for the Raven Rock Rumble 5 Miler. I tried this one last year (the 10 mile option), one week after nearly dying with the flu. Needless to say I took a wrong turn, on purpose, that sent me through the finish line 7.5 miles early. I quit. So Raven Rock and I have history....I'm not gonna quit this year.  


  1. I just had a dance party in my living room... Because I found your blog and you do recaps for North Carolina races. Thank you! I am new to running and just did my first half marathon, RunRaleigh on October 6th. I'm already signed up for two more in the spring :)

  2. Hey at least you are moving! And after all of the incline walking you are going to have a killer butt! :) Good luck on the 5 miler..hope it treats you better than before! You'll rock it!

  3. That's exciting!!!! Good job on finding a treadmill. Btw, LOVE watching Extrem Weight Loss and find it much better than the Biggest Loser!

  4. Chris Powell is wonderful. He has that perfect caring+compassionate+motivating+sympathetic look. One glance into those puppy dog eyes and would do burpees for him till I puked.

    On BL, I get the feeling that all the trainers secretly hate the "fat people" and want to punish them for being fat. That's why they scream, yell, and push them so hard.
    Powell seems to actually care for his clients.

    He's so dreeeeeeamy.

  5. I think walking is freaking awesome!! i still walk all the time because I enjoy it and DAMN girl give yourself some major props for getting it done at 9PM!

  6. I think it is great that you are getting in movement that late in the evening! I'm so tired when I get home, it's tough to get motivated to run/walk/move at all! I'm sitting here now trying to talk myself into a run on the treadmill.....thanks to your post, I'm getting off my bum and heading to the garage!!

    I don't know if you remember or not, but we had talked some last year and I thought you were moving Oklahoma? Did you ever move? I apologize if I missed this on a post. :)

    1. Hey! I just was looking back over my posts/comments and saw I never answered you!!! I have not moved yet....the plan is in motion though. Most likely it will be before 8/14!

  7. Totally cool that you got yourself a treadmill (hooray for you!). I get it, too. I was a single mother and it was really difficult planning my work outs around my son. I managed but it was rough and I basically had no life besides work, gym/swimming and time with my son. We both turned out okay, though. He graduated with honors and I'm now training for an ultra. Don't worry about soft feet. They'll toughen up. I'm glad you're running again but also proud of you for easing back, if that makes sense--time with your son is more important and it sounds as if you both had a great summer. Cheers and happy treadmilling (I just used treadmill as a verb, hee, hee).


You're pretty much awesome!!


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