Monday, July 22, 2013

Bootie Shorts Only!

I crawled WAY out of my comfort zone this weekend and attended a Bootie Shorts yoga class at my beloved Hot Asana....Months ago I bought a pair of teeny tiny bootie shorts but I had never even worn them around the house.

The class description read "This is the day to face our body image fears. We are perfect...right now. RIGHT NOW! A special class dedicated to being fearless..bootie shorts only and self criticism NOT ALLOWED!"

So this was an excellent opportunity for me to face my fear, embrace my body, and accept myself RIGHT NOW. Walking from the car into the studio was hard....I might as well have been wearing a swimsuit walking down the street. But once I got inside my self-criticism melted away as I saw bodies of all shapes and sizes! And smiles...all around! And women who are loving themselves, embracing themselves, and being awesome!

So I placed my mat next to my friend who graciously came along....and for the next 90 min I sweat, bended, and bootie shorts! And not once did I feel embarrassed!

The phrase that I took away with me from this class that has been running through my mind since: Let go of that which no longer serves you.

I am letting go. Letting go of everything that has held me down, brought me down, inhibited me...Letting go feels SO good!

I can neither confirm nor deny that this is my bootie.....

What has been holding you back? Keeping you stuck? Keeping you angry, sad, or scared? What has kept you feeling not good enough, not fast enough, not strong enough? What can you let go of today?


  1. What a great class!!! I'm a big worrier and can't let go of work. At home I think and worry about work instead of enjoying life. I wish I could live in the moment.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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