Monday, September 23, 2013

Bye Bye Summer...


It's no secret I love summer. It's my favorite season. I mean cutoff shorts, sunshine, the beach, the smell of coconut, water and sand! What's not to love? While I say that summer is my favorite this past summer may have to go down as my lamest summer yet. Sure, I had some fun times, did some cool things, went to the beach....but it left me longing for more. More what? So let's just get on with it already....head into Fall, then Winter, then Spring....and that will bring us back to Summer!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall.  Insert sarcastic tone of voice here: Yay. I brought in Fall by going to the local county fair.  Highlights of the fair include:

A ginormous  human floatie:

I ridiculous trampoline contraption:

 And a helicopter ride!

Other than that is was your usual, normal county fair. I didn't eat a fried snickers...too bad. But I did gnaw on a turkey leg and after handing it to LB for a bite I had a weird visual of me and LB as cave people. I thought about how much better shape I'd be in if I had a carnivorous, or slightly omnivourous diet, truly Paleo, and how much simpler life would be as a cave person...then I remembered the Croods....Daaaan dann daaaaaaaaaan!

Saturday I had hoped to check out a brand new State Park that has opened up just minutes from my house but those plans fell through. I did do a drive-by on my way to yoga and the park looks really nice. Hopefully I'll get out there sometime this week to make my way around the .75 of a mile trail a time or two. Or three. With the Army 10 Miler in DC quickly approaching I need to hit the road more than I have been. I also got a message from a friend about the horrible 10 mile trail race I did attempted last November, the one I  DNF'd with a friend after having the flu. I'm not sure if I'm up for a rematch of the 10 mile option but I may go for the 5 miler.  On the other hand I'm just not sure if I care...Ugh.

So what are you most excited about with Fall here? And don't say the Spiced Pumpkin Latte....that is the easy answer.


  1. Ha! I am actually not impressed with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It seems like they are using too much spice this year! Fall is my favorite time of year! I absolutely love the fall colors!

  2. I was thinking the same thing yesterday. It was actually a little chilly in the morning and I felt so sad that the days of sweating my guts out during a run will be ending soon.

  3. Sweaters, hoodies the beautiful Vermont foliage and cute boots.

  4. Pretty trees. For the 6 years we lived in Texas we had no fall season. It was awesome in many ways, but no pretty leaves.

  5. What a great start to the fall! I'm looking forward to see my family in November! :)

  6. Wow... I seen on the photo how happy you are. You don't waste every single day on how to enjoy summer. A great idea that you choose the right sport that you try.


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