Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is important....

 I am growing a watermelon!

Isn't it cute? 
My garden has turned out to be a really fun endeavor this summer. Something about planting things and watching it grow and produce, and not killing them, makes me happy. I've come a long, long way since I killed two gold fish (Jimmy and Justin after Jimmy Buffett and Justin Timberlake) when I was 6 months pregnant with LB. I thought for sure my kid would not survive. And the garden I attempted two years ago that never even sprouted. But fast-forward to today and I have kept Lazy Dog alive for almost 10 years, my son is healthy and going strong for almost 8 years now....and now my garden! I have a watermelon people! And you've already seen the size of my zucchini! And I've had three more that same ginormous size!

During my night out with the girls last Friday a conversation came up comparing dating and men to gardens. I liked the analogy, but I wont run with it here...AH HA! Pun intended... That's for another time, or another blog entirely. This is a running and fitness blog after all.

So my training is going ok. I've been loosely following my 15k training plan. Thanks to J-Ninja, or I may rename her Captain Obvious for pointing out that the DC Army 10 Miler is going to be so crowded that any goal of a decent finish time is out of the question. She's right. So I've been hunting for another 15k and may have found one in September.

I'm having trouble with commitment lately. Yes, I've brought this up in therapy....I have found so many races that I think look great and I want to do but I just don't commit to them.  I used to call this last minute registration 5 Mile Style. But the difference now is that then I fully intended to run those races. I just didn't register early...now I have no intentions of running these races, or if I do it's only a 10% chance. I don't mark them on my calendar. I ogle over them then close the webpage never to return.

So my goal for the next couple of weeks is to commit. Fully commit. Find races and register...with the intention of toeing the line. 


  1. I have a hard time committing to races ( any most everything else ) even when I register it's usually to races that have a bail out option (transfers) and sometimes I still just bail.

    Ps, congrats on the watermelon! I'm currently trying to keep my first set of house plants alive.

  2. Seriously, I cannot make anything grow for the life of me. Plants see me, and just wilt. :\

    Good luck sticking with a plan! Usually races will help keep people in check, but sometimes we're HUMAN. :)

  3. Hmmm, well we have the opposite problem. I tend to "over commit". I sign up for races early, and that's bitten me this year for sure...with 2 missed tris due to a broken wrist. I love racing and think I'd do it ever weekend if I could afford it. I'm constantly trying to find a new fun race.

  4. I have never ran a race, not there yet. But I have huge *respect* for those who do.:)

  5. Ah yes the gardeners 'green' thumb :) Can't wait to see a photo of your watermelon in another month. Commitment is hard when there are so many to choose from. Good Luck, I'm sure you'll make the right pick.

  6. I am being like you in that I drool over a race and then close the page. I'm really having a hard time committing to a race. Lacking motivation here. Your watermelon is super cute! And I need to hear the analogy about gardening and men. ;)

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  8. Signing up is one of the hardest parts. You will be so glad you did it once you get there! Promise yourself a reward when you complete it!.

    Your watermelon is so cute!

  9. I struggle with it only because of the $$ ... I got an email for an Electric Run coming up here in Sept & was all excited ... until I saw the price tag: $50 (early registration) for a 5k. WTF?!?! No. Not when I can do a half for $45 the week after.

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