Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Cold Hard Truth About Training in the Summer...

It sucks.
It's hot.
It's humid.
It's hard to breath.
It makes me swear sweat a lot.
It's hard.
It's challenging.


Did I miss anything?


  1. It: makes me get sunscreen in my eyes, makes my soles hot enough that the bottom of my feet burn, makes me stop and buy water when I otherwise wouldn't, makes me have mild hallucinations, makes me wish I had a climate controlled spacesuit to run in, makes me want to end every run with a slurpee except when I can't walk that far afterward, and makes me actually consider, if only momentarily, an investment in a treadmill for the basement.

    1. DANGGGG!!! You are so so so right!!! Thanks for the laugh!

    2. Ditto to everything!!! Sweat + sunscreen in the eyes = major irritation.

  2. That is just what I have been thinking this week, only we have dry heat in I just feel hot all the time though and am so tired of it.

  3. You ateso right. This heat is killing my training... I get hot easily & worry about overheating despite my constant hydrating. I've had to take it indoors or have found myself slacking... Whoops!!

  4. Word. True that. Almost makes winter runs seem more bearable. Lol and I hate cold!!

  5. I can't complain much. Living in the islands, it is warm all year round... averages around 85 all year. We don't have seasons so we can train outside all year round. Now, I know that folks in the mainland like the seasons and, actually, I do too, but as far as training goes... well, I feel very blessed to live in Hawaii.

  6. NC heat an humidity is no joke this summer. Total sweat-fest.

  7. Makes me love spring and fall soo much! :-)


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