Monday, July 30, 2012


Let me know if you need my new address. I have moved to the awesome, laid back town of Slackerville. It's pretty sweet. You get to eat popsicles all day long (unless your Lazy Dog steals it) and ride on a Stand Up Paddle Board....
What is a Stand Up Paddle Board you ask?   Well it is this....

It is definitely fun and not a bad workout for your core because of the balance needed. 

I kind of slacked off the magazine workouts this past week but tonight something better happened. I asked LB if he wanted to either ride his bike with me while I ran or stay home (he's almost 7 now and staying home while I run the neighborhood is a big a deal). He surprised me by saying, "Actually I want to run with you." Uhhh....ok! So I helped him get dressed in his tech shirt, umbro shorts and new Asics running shoes and off we went.

This is his "Why can't I have the new Garmin 910xt?"face.

His "Oh ok I can borrow it when you get one?" face....
Let's do this!
He was so excited to run with me and I was too! This kid has one speed and that is All Out Sprint. I tried to teach him about pacing but he just took off, he could not run slow. He would sprint ahead and then stop and wait for me to catch up. Then sprint ahead and stop and wait. This went on for half a mile then he started walking. Again I talked to him about pacing and building endurance and he tried to stick with me but by this time he was tuckered out. 

It was at about a mile and a half when events took a turn for the worse. LB saw a dead baby bird on the road. He was so sad, his shoulders slumped and he wouldn't run. I tried to encourage him to run a mile for the bird but that had no affect on him. He was depressed. It took the wind out of his sails...We, or I, ran on up the big hill in the neighborhood while he loped along behind. As I returned I could see that he was still upset, so we walked hand in hand for a little bit and talked about life and death, the cycle of life and how everything dies someday. He argued that this was a baby bird, it should not have died yet, I agreed that it was really sad. As we came back to the ugly scene he decided he wanted to take it home and bury it in our back yard. I on the other hand, just wanted to finish running. BUT as all good mothers would do I looked around and saw a a plastic bag in the ditch. LB grabbed it and tried to scoop the poor, dead bird into it. It was so squished and caked onto the road that he couldn't bag it....both of us traumatized times 10. 

He decided to lay the bag over the bird and leave it where it lay....squished into the road. He mustered the spirit to run again and we headed home. On the way back he decided the bird was now hanging out with Grandpa...I think he's right

We finished our run with 2.67 miles in in 37 minutes and some change. Not bad for mourning the loss of a baby bird and talking about life and death.

I finished up the workout with 12 minutes of jumping rope while LB told me how it wasn't hard, I shouldn't mess up so much, I should do more one-legged jumps, and double unders were easy for a Master of Spinjitsu like him. Well where's your rope kid...let's settle this once and for all....

And, as if this evening wasn't eventful enough I had to find a huge, scary, creepy, deadly spider crawling up my shin....If you know me you know I'd rather throw myself in front of  a bus than find one of these things anywhere near me. I had to catch it just in case it bit me, so I would know what it was.

So I think it's a good time to call it a night...let's hope I don't wake up with a rotten leg. That would not make for a good morning run...

Have you tried anything new lately? Ever tried the Stand Up Paddle board (SUP)? Or been bitten by a spider? Or how about this one, stopped to have a mini funeral for roadkill while on a run?  


  1. I think all little boys are the same. My son does the same thing no matter how many times I tell him to pace himself.

  2. I have been watching the people at the beach doing paddle boarding! I so want to try it!!

  3. We went camping for our family vacation last week and while in the shower, i see a big ol' spider on my calf -- EEK! I shook it off of me with a lil shower dance but it never occurred to me to save it! Paddle boarding looks like fun!

  4. I would love to try paddleboarding! It looks like so much fun! And what a great workout.

  5. Eventful run for sure. I LOVE that LB wanted to run with you. I really want to try paddle boarding. Spiders ICK.. Ummmm... email me tomorrow, I think I needed a report out on something??

  6. I tried SUPing on my last vacation. It was awesome!! I have been bugging my husband to buy our own boards, but nothing yet and summer is almost over :( Sorry about the bird.

  7. You are such a good mom, the bird story is so sad, but you did a great job!!

  8. I am not a spider person, but my sister is the worst. She actually made her husband come home from work to kill a spider she saw on the ceiling fan. We'll see how long the marriage lasts :)


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