Friday, August 17, 2012

Operation Bridesmaid: Zip the Dress Day 6...

Grumpy? Yes. Will I bite your head off if you cross me? Most likely. Will I forgive you if you hand me chocolate? Absolutely.....

So how am I doing on day 6 of my challenge? I'm doing ok. I am down 3, that is THREE, pounds since last Sunday. I'm pretty sure that is not enough to Zip the Dress but it's a start. I've been healthy too, not starving myself, but making much better food choices. It hasn't been easy but I haven't been too hard on myself either. I have incorporated more workouts, which is what I need to be doing anyway. Tomorrow I am hitting up a new running trail for 10 miles...rain or shine. And it is raining right now...

This week I have run and run and done my own killer, mini CrossFit style workouts.

You've missed my Signature Pose, haven't you?
On my back porch I discovered that Burpees really are horrible. I'm still feeling the workout.

25 KB swings
25 crunches
15 push-ups
20 flutter kicks
10 burpees (with the push-up)
---Repeat 3 times....
Yes, that is a gross pile of dripped sweat....
And random fact of the day: The batteries in my scale died. I left it for weeks but then deiced to finally replace the batteries since I have a dress to fit into. I found the random-sized lithium batteries and replaced them....

BUT then I was driving home this evening and my car had a weird light in the shape of a key flashing a warning at me. My car has a keyless fob and no ignition. So this was concerning. I dug out my handy dandy car book and discovered that my keyless fob is dying. NOT GOOD. How do I get in my car or drive if it dies? I don't.  Where is the random fact? Well the fob takes the same kind of random lithium batter as my needless to say I need to eventually, once again replace the batteries in my scale. 

So seven and a half days until the wedding and I am down three pounds. Let's hope this dress fits....


  1. Car trumps scale every time!!!

    My key fob died on me last winter. I was running the track at the high school and when I went to my truck to unlock it.... nothing. I can drive without my fob, and I can unlock it with the key, but I can't turn the alarm off without it. So I thought, "Well maybe when I put my key in the ignition the alarm will go off..." Yeah. No such luck. It did finally go off after a few minutes, and I thought I was in the clear, but then as soon as I put it in gear it started again. I had to sit there in the parking lot with the alarm blaring until my husband could leave work and come turn it off for me. I guess I COULD have driven it home like that, but how many times do you think I'd have been pulled over for suspected grand theft auto???

  2. Yeah I agree with Pam! I would say the car going forward would trump the scale!! Good luck with the dress! I'm sure it will fit like a glove!!

  3. I never even thought about what would happen if the battery in the key dies! Good point,maybe I should keep spare ones in the car :) Good job on 3 lbs that is pretty good!!

  4. Definitely miss the signature pose!! Good luck with the dress!

  5. Your signature pose is so cute..Still a good job!

  6. Three pounds is still 3 lbs. so don't knock that three pounds. :) you are working really hard. Good job!

  7. I'm pretty sure we have the same scale. But I'm too lazy to go check. The bonus is that last week it told me i lost 20 pounds overnight, so I'm thinking it's going to need new batteries soon...

  8. Keep up the hard work! You'll look amazing in that dress! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Their products (Fullbar shakes) have helped me lose weight and learn how to maintain that weight-loss.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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