Wednesday, August 29, 2012 a fire!

Tomorrow I gear up and start packing for the long-anticipated Girls Virginia Beach Half Marathon Long Weekend Trip. I'm stoked, already channeling my inner Beach Girl....I'm hoping this isn't my last trip to the beach for the summer but I'm afraid it will be. Next weekend begins LB's fall soccer and my marathon training will begin to monopolize much of my weekend morning time as well.   I'm going to make the most of this trip.

This text from one of The Girls this evening got me to thinking....

Yeah, why not just plop myself down in a beach chair Saturday and not get up until Monday? We both know we will show up for the race. The plan was further developed (at least for me, I can't exactly speak for her, but I'm fairly certain she will run) and it will be an easy run Saturday AM followed by some beach yoga, followed by beach-sitting and sun-soaking, followed by expo, followed by more beaching....followed by a 13.1 jaunt around Virginia Beach, followed by more beach sitting.....Sounds glorious...

I was asked about a goal for the race. I think my A Goal will be the same as it is for all my races: Finish with a smile. If it's not fun then it's not worth doing, and I might as well be sitting on the beach. Realistic B Goal is under 2:10. This would be one of my slower half's by history, but given the heat and humidity during this summer's training and absence of speed work, I think that is a realistic goal. And I dare not make a C Goal

So anyone else heading to Virginia Beach this weekend? And anyone else gone to an amazing place to run a race and just skipped out of it so you could just laze around? 


  1. I agree, somedays I would love to go to the beach and just sit there and have someone bring me margaritas all day.

    So do it this way...sit and drink, run those 13 miles to burn off the margaritas, then sit until someone has to tell you it is time to leave.

    I hope that weather is great and the beach is wonderful! You are more ready for this race than you think! Have fun!

    1. I like the way you think! =) I think the weather will be pretty good. I'm hoping the humidity wont be too awful though. We will see! I'm looking forward to a nice plunge in the ocean post race! =)

  2. Sounds like a blast!! Have so much fun and good luck. Btw, my new domain name/address is (formerly :) Jessica Washburn


You're pretty much awesome!!


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