Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coffee....or caffeine...chocolate....sugar....

I don't care but I need something. Anything. My eyes are closing and I have 3 more hours of work. Last night I stared at my ceiling for hours.  This happens occasionally but not too often. I guess I was just thinking about a million things. Things to do, things not to do, things to remember, things to forget....things I want and enjoy thinking about and things I could go for the rest of my life and never think about again.  Nonetheless I was awake, staring at my ceiling. I wish I had a treadmill. I bet I would use it a lot.

Tonight I have to pick out my race outfit for Sunday and finish packing for the weekend. That shouldn't be too hard or time consuming. But then again....what should I wear?

One more day stands between me and the beach....

1 comment:

  1. I have these little melatonin tabs for nights like that. They just dissolve on your tongue. All natural and I'm out in 15 minutes. Have a fun weekend!


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