Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To the west coast and back...

What a whirlwind trip to the PNW and back! Where do I start? I hate it when I log off for a few days then return with a novel's worth of stories and things to discuss. I guess first and foremost is The Dress....

It fit, slid on like nothing. Zipped right on up....Although it was altered (a tiny bit) I did end up shedding almost 5 pounds before the wedding, in two weeks. That's good since I needed to drop them anyway. So the challenge served it's purpose, it got me motivated and back on track. These results were due to a combination of training and eating right. For the record I ate only TWO of my favorite Safeway M&M Sugar Cookies. Now that is some serious self-control. And now, I am in a good position as far as body weight for training for my upcoming races: Virginia Beach 13.1 on Sunday, a relay for an Olympic Tri on Oct 6 (guess which leg I am doing? Not the bike that's for sure! Not the run....but 1500m swim. Guess who is hitting the pool starting tomorrow? This girl!), and OBX 26.2 in November. I have a full race schedule and I have no idea how that happened.

And here is me and my Official Race Crew and TFF (Total Friend Forever)...Love her...

While in Washington I could not pass up an opportunity to hook up with many of my favorite people who also just so happen to be bloggers! Mel set up the location and details. It was so great to see everyone and catch up IN PERSON.  Jess and TMB were in town for the Hood to Coast Relay, and it worked out perfectly to see them! How cool is it that all of us have met and become friends through the blogosphere?

Chelsea, Kerrie, Me, Jess, Mel, Tonia, Zoe

While at the Camping Wedding I got to try something new, the Slack Line. I must get one of these for my own back yard. Talk about a challenge. The SUP was absolutely nothing compared to this...
This is the owner and operator of the Slack Line. He was good...He cruised right on across like it was nothing, even stopping to squat down and back up.

And then, there's me...I tried to do it all by myself but it was not going to happen. I fell off a few times, got my toe caught, and not to mention got pegged by a rogue frisbee midway through. 

Even LB got in on the fun...He did better than me but got brave after a while.  I kept catching him trying it by himself...thankfully there were no broken bones or blood shed. 

I've been having a great time trying new things this summer. I'm not ready for summer to end just yet...but maybe fall and winter will bring new adventures too. Who knows?

Well I am back in NC and prepping for my girl's weekend to Virginia Beach for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. This will be my first race since The Big Sur Incident. I'm a bit nervous to see how my knee holds up and I am hopeful it will be just fine. I have no real goal in mind....although a sub two is pretty much the standard. However I know that may not be realistic given the heat and humid conditions I have been training in. So a finish and no injury will be a success.

Anyone ever tried the Slack Line? And what else should I try???


  1. That slack line looks cool...and tough! Pegged by a rogue frisbee is totally something that would happen to me. It was so good to see you! Excited to hear how your race goes!

  2. Sounds like I just missed you! You look stunning in your dress! Hope you can enjoy many more summer days and I know you will rock the pool.

  3. That slack line looks tough!! The dress looked fabulous and I'm so glad you were able to meet up with all your girls!!

  4. I am positive I would not be able to do the slack line! That looks crazy.

  5. LOVE the dress and fits perfect!

  6. Slack Line looks challenging and fun. I'l be glad to try that one.It will help improve my balance. :)


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