Tuesday, November 16, 2010

V is for:


First of all….Tall Mom The Amazing has graciously volunteered to be my chaperone in Vegas come to Vegas and RUN the marathon with me!!!! Can you all say “Super Duper Excited!!!!”? I am beyond pumped! I am also a little in shock, I just can’t believe she is willing to come and meet me and run with me and…on the other hand it IS Vegas and my Race- At-The-Last- Minute style is contagious. Although I never booked a flight and flew to another state to run a race on a whim, she’s got me beat there. Either way, it is going to be off the hook! Off the chain! Totally tubular! Watch out Vegas!!  I have always wanted to be a Show Girl…maybe they will have recruiters at the expo or the even the water stations…You think?

Ok, second.. Chaffing.

I have been suffering from chaffing lately:


Do you see it? The pics don’t do it justice. I wore the WRONG bra on my 18 miler and I am paying for it now. And so another one goes in Not-To-Be-Worn-Over-10-Miles pile.

I have heard, you know, from a friend of a friend (not ME of course)  about chaffing…you know…

…down there?


Talk about OUCH! Man! How does that even happen? Ok, I know how it happens  technically, but not really and more importantly how do you prevent it and treat it?

Lastly, I had a good three miler today. Last week I ran three with The Hubs and I had to run fast just to stay in his dust cloud. He physically cannot run slow (and he thinks my 8:30 + pace is slow) so I had to work hard to run AFAP (as fast as possible).  Well today, I ran with T-N HizzO….a friend of The Hubs who is staying with us until he can find a house here. It was nice to have a running buddy, even if he did tell me, “You make a lot of noise when you run.” Um, old running buddies, do I? I don’t think so. He said my feet sounded heavy. How can I use that information to improve? Um, is it possible to run lighter?

Stats for today’s run:

3 .09 miles---- 27:26    8:50  min/mile

And lastly, now I am no foodie but I am super stoked to tell you that I made bagels! That’s right, I made home made  bagels! And they were DEEEEEElish! So now I don’t have to search the town over looking good, fresh bagels! I can make my own!


Now, off to chilax!


  1. Woooohooooooo for Vegas!!! That will be such a fun trip!! Enjoy and good luck for the marathon :)

  2. Tall Mom is awesome! Good luck to the both of you, and that bagel: YUM.

  3. I had to get new bras 2 weeks prior to my marathon because of chaffing... they had gotten too big.

  4. I don't have any advice on chafing since I don't do nearly the miles you do, but I have used BodyGlide to prevent it before. I once made the mistake of running in an underwire Nike sportsbra. Chaffing, blisters and blood right in my cleavage.... I wanted to die! I hope you get some advice on "down there" chaffe prevention. ;)

  5. You got the legs for a show girl! Vegas is going to be awesome for you ladies, I'm so proud of you.
    Ok, one more thing YOUR PICTURES CRACK ME UP!! LMAO!! I haven't had your problem because I haven't ran that far yet.. lol.. And Owie!

    ps. I want a bagel...

  6. Ooooooh yeah. The *ahem* "down there" chafing SUCKS!!!! I have learned that when distance training it is IMPERATIVE to keep in mind the rate of regrowth when scheduling your *ahem* landscaping. Stubble is NOT a runner's friend. LMAO

  7. Girl, you CRACK ME UP. You and TM will have a blast in Vegas!

  8. Ha Ha!! Just read Pam's comment after posting mine.

    AGREED (and so delicately explained....)

  9. This made me laugh....pictures are hilarious!
    good luck in Vegas!!!!!

  10. You are going to have an awesome time... But despite the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" slogan, we expect to hear every detail!

  11. Ugh, chafing. DIAF. Body Glide & tight shorts or pants or whatever. I was wearing my normal capris during my first longer-ish run and DEAR LORD no. Not okay.

  12. Pam's comment wins.
    I coat myself in body glide...everywhere. I figure it is aloe based so not as gross as Vaseline.
    Hooray for Vegas!

  13. You and Mel are going to have so much fun!

    OUCH to the chafing. I get it bad under my sports bra, especially on the back.


  14. what is this chaffing you speak of?! ;)
    My friend got it in her butt crack during a 100 miler. I laughed till I cried - then she smacked me.
    Good times.

  15. Ha ha!!! Pam---AWESOME!

    And EMZ, really? It took her 100 miles to get it in the B-Crack? Sheeesh! I think I would have WAY more than crack chaffing after that far! I'm laughing too but only because I feel her pain and I only had to run 19 miles, good thing she can't come and smack me! =)

    Good call, Laura! I guess I may need to buy a seperate Body Glide for my nether region. HA!

    Breaking Pace---If I don't return from Vegas then that means you'll have to come see me in my show!!! And I'll work on some bagels to bring next Thursday!

  16. Yes, you do strike heavy when you run. Sometimes I could hear you over my headphones. I don't know if that is something you can improve, or would that waste MORE energy trying to run softly? I want your bagel recipe. And The Chafe, yes, I'm very familiar. Even a heavy dose of bodyglide can't prevent what I like to call 'Labia-Chafe' during a long run in the right conditions with the wrong running bottoms. I'm still recovering from the chafing I got on my shoulders during the wet Portland marathon. Good luck on your 'lower-chafing' recovery before Las Vegas! I'm thrilled Tall Mom will be joining you! FUN FUN FUN!.

  17. yay for vegas!! :)

    The only place i have ever gotten the chafe (and only once) was my buttcrack! haha... seriously... seriously...

  18. that is so funny about the chafing! i have heard that it can be pretty painful "down there"

    that's so great that Tall Mom will be running with you! you guys will have a blast!

  19. I'm so jealous! You and Mel will have so much fun, I'm sure! Hope the chaffing improves! oh and do you still have my shirt?

  20. So are you going to post the bagel recipe? I'd love to try it.

    i think I'll plead the 5th on all these other topics.....

  21. you make me laugh and you so lucky to have a running buddy like that! very cool! so excited for you guys!

  22. nice work on the bagels!! have a great time in vegas. A perfect girls weekend getaway!


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