Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long Run Saturday…

Is it nap time yet?

I finished my 15 miler just in the nick of time!  Christina and I met at the air field at 8 AM and it was 43 degrees. Not quite the 20's we were expecting but still cold and windy. I had my red, pink and white striped gloves that Mel-Tall Mom gave me last Feb for our Million Inch Run.







Million Inch the girls

It was a nice reminder of my pals up in the PNW who have so much going on right now, other than running. Zoe is a ticking time bomb (her own admission) Kerrie T is writing a novel! Mel. Mel is getting her life to a new normal…I miss my friends. A lot. But such is the life of a military wife.

Anyway, I warmed up about 4.5 miles in and shed my jacket and gloves. I met up with Christina (she was riding the loop on her bike) at around 7.5 miles for some Gu then we were off again. I finished my 15 miles with one mile on the track.

15 miles---2:26.48 (moving time) 9:45 pace.

About one minute after I got in my car it started to rain. Yuck. Thank goodness I finished in the nick of time!

I’m quite sore. But I was sore to begin with from our cross training workout. I hope I feel up to even a short run tomorrow since it is World Run Day! Are you going to run?

Only one more long run then taper for Vegas!! Woo whoo! I am ready for a change, seriously.

And finally, since it is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month I wanted to share a link with you about the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer: HERE. Unfortunately there really isn't much of a screening process for this type of cancer yet, other than genetic screening. They say it can be genetic so if it runs in your family you may want to talk to your doctor. They also say that usually by the time you present with these symptoms it is often in the advanced stages. Not good my friends. Cancer sucks.

Here is a pic of  my dad, LB and my nephew fishing during our recent trip through OK. 

And here is my dad, Lazy Dog, The Hubs, my nephew and LB chillin’ in the pick up truck.

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all get out there for World Run Day tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like a nice long run with friends!

    Thanks for reminder on pancreatic cancer month. Cancer sucks!

  2. Way to go! I agree--cancer sucks!

  3. Good luck on Rock & Roll Vegas Marathon.

  4. Great job on the long run! I too had 15 on the schedule for today. It did not pan out.

  5. I just found your blog and I am loving it!! Great job on your 15 miler!! You better eat some delicious foods to reward yourself:)

  6. Nice job on the run! Almost taper time! My sister is running in Vegas too! Good luck!

  7. LOVE Lazy dog!! Proud of you for knocking out 15 miles! Vegas will rock...literally! I can relate to your frequent address changes as a wife of a coach--what zip code am I in now?!

    I have the ultimate respect for you and your husband!!

  8. Great long run! love your gloves!

  9. nice job on the long run! my long run today was 6.5! love the pick up picture! so cute!

  10. Cancer sucks!
    I'm proud of you, that icey cold wind was a motivation sucker yesterday. Totally enjoying our weekend loops together, one of these days I'll be on two feet instead of two wheels. :)

  11. I always feel so lucky when I get inside and then the bottom falls out!
    Cancer does absolutely suck. I lost a very close person to me in September from pancreatic cancer. His dad died of the same disease. I worry so much for his sons.

  12. Woohoo for getting your 15 miler in before the rain came!! My husband and I are doing 15 miles tomorrow!! It will be his longest distance to date! :)

  13. I'm back!! Sorry for the lack of comments.

    Nice job on the long run! Burr, just burr.

  14. I always feel triumphant when it starts to rain right when I finish a run, like I somehow beat Mother Nature at her own game. :) loved the read! :)

  15. Love this blog! nice gloves! My last race was to raise money for pancreatic cancer. A great event for an important cause.

  16. Love the photos.

    YAY on the 15 without rain....even though I'D be WISHING for the rain! ;)

    Love the gloves!

  17. Those photos are so clear! I love the color saturation.

    I agree cancer SUCKS.everyday.

    Nice job getting out there a getting your miles in. Sounds like a nice run. It is always sweet to have a biking sherpa along for the run.


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