Sunday, November 14, 2010

T is for TAPER.

My brain is full and that is what I get for not blogging all week.

This past week was a lousy run week. I had my fast three miler on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I tried to run some trail by The Hub’s work but that was a serious FAIL. The “trail” looked like a creepy abandoned path leading to Chester’s shed. No thanks.  Although it was on Post but still, gave me the heebie jeebies. So I drove to the gym to run on the treadmill. It was a beautiful day and probably 70 degrees outside. A recipe for disaster. Who wants to be on a treadmill when it is so gorgeous outside? Not this girl. But, alas I climbed on the dreadmill and started running. Sweat started running too. It was hot and muggy in the gym. I paused the the mill and went on a towel hunt. This gym doesn’t “provide towels.” WhAT? Really? Really. Whatever. My eyes were stinging from sweat. I hauled myself  back on the mill and started it back up.

I hit the END button and cried defeat. Or MERCY. Or UNCLE. I quit. I was hot, sweaty, annoyed. I ran 2 miles. TWO. Done. 

Thursday we celebrated Veteran’s Day by heading to a nearby lake. We played football and catch and rode bikes. It was a great day and while I didn’t run far I did some sprinting during our touch football game.  Friday I hit the gym and did some weights. It felt good to have a change and work some muscles that have been neglected. Saturday I spent the day in a training for a new job.

That only left today for my LAST long run! Thank goodness it’s over. Christina met me this  morning so I wouldn’t be all by my lonesome! She rode her bike around the 6.67 mile loop about twice per my one lap. The run was pretty uneventful until about mile 16. I was feeling really good and holding a very, very steady pace.  Around mile 16 I started to feel a twinge in my hip and my knee and my hamstring and calves started to tighten up. I was a mess.  I had planned on 18 miles but overshot my last out and back and ended up with 18.64 miles in 3:06/9:58 pace . I was happy with the time and pace. I’m not sure if I have a faster run in me or not. I may have been holding back too much in the beginning but it’s hard to tell. I think I may have a 4:20 or better in me for Vegas in THREE WEEKS! We will see.

Speaking of Vegas… who is running in Vegas? 

And lastly, yesterday was Lazy Dog’s 7th birthday so we celebrated tonight:

cars bday

Happy Birthday Lazy Dog!!!!!


  1. oh oh oh Me Me Me! :o) I am doing the Vegas half! :o)

  2. I was going to do the Vegas half. But it was too much work trying to figure out logistic. :(

  3. Oh yay Kadie!! Awesome!

    If either one of you (or anyone you know) need hotel accomodations let me know! I have room in my room!

  4. good luck...can't wait to hear your race recap!

  5. Hmmmmm... Wonder how much a ticket is to Vegas?? I could use a BREAK.. Maybe I will play with the numbers a bit tomorrow. I forget do you have buddies to run the full with you?

  6. omg I would love to do vegas. you are going to have so much fun.

  7. I downgraded from the full to the half, but I will beeee there! I'm impressed you gutted through 18+ after a crummy run-week... I'm so mentally kicked in the face after weeks like that I can't do much other than plant my ass on the couch with a tub of ice cream.

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  9. Tomorrow is my little puppy's 7th birthday! :) Happy birthday to lazy dog!! :)

  10. Happy birthday To Lazy Dog from us!! We miss you. Good job pushing through. I know you will be amazing. I thought you had a partner for LV?

  11. Happy birthday Lazy dog!! And, I hear you and Mel get to run together!!! Fabulous!!

  12. Vegas is too cold. I did it once but that was the old course. The new one is more fun but it starts too early


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