Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last double digit run…..










Just joshing ya!

Today was my last double digit run before Rock n Roll Las Vegas! Two weeks until I toe the start line of my third marathon! WOW! This time last year I was getting ready for my redemption at the Seattle Half. I had dreams of a full marathon one day, but only dreams…I had no idea that by this time a year later I would be getting ready for my THIRD full marathon! What? That is nuts! I am nuts! And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Looking back over the last year, running has gotten me through so many hard times, stressful times, emotional times. It feels like this last year has actually been 5 year when I think of all the life-changing events that have happened, no one should ever experience this much in one year, ever. Either way, running has kept me grounded and sane. Having a marathon on the calendar meant that I couldn’t worry about other stuff, there was no time. Nothing like 26.2 miles to keep you going. You cannot procrastinate your way to a 26.2 mile race. Unless you have a death wish. A death wish….yeah, at times I wondered if that very wish was what kept me running. But now I see it is exactly the opposite. Running kept me going, kept a smile on my face, kept me grounded and kept me getting out of bed.   But, all this is for my Year End Review post. I’m jumping ahead of myself…

So, today’s run was, er…interesting to say the least. I met my friend Breaking Pace and she came sans bike! She wanted to run! Wooo who! I ran the first three miles with her and it was nice to have a conversation and a running buddy. We made plans for Thanksgiving and finalized the menu (we will be spending Thanksgiving with her and her hubby and her fur babies this year). She is ready to get into running shape and has signed up for a race in December! I haven’t signed up yet but plan to! The mere thought of a 5k or even 10k gave me butterflies! I am ready to 1) Run my first North Carolina race 2) Run as fast as I can for a short distance and see how I can do!  I am ready for a change up in my training.

After our 3 miles together, Breaking Pace headed home to be with her pup who had a pretty gnarly surgery on her hind leg Friday. I continued on to finish up 10-12 miles. So, this is certainly TMI and if you are easily grossed out then just go ahead and end here. I got about 5 miles out and had to go to the bathroom. Now I’m not talking #1, that is easy. Find a tree. A bush. A deep ditch. Whatever, no biggie. I HAD to go bad, like #2. I could feel that I needed to go, I didn’t go before I left home. I drank coffee, which usually speeds up the process but not today. I woke up too late. So I just couldn’t close the deal before leaving. Great. I was expecting this. I knew the kids would be begging to be dropped off at the pool.

Anyway, I had a my sights set on the restrooms at the park on the Air Force base where I have been doing my long runs. It was a ways away (about 5 miles) but I had no choice. I kept running.

pope air field

I decided to take out my phone and show you all my new running grounds. Plus, I thought that airplane on the tarmac looked like Air Force One. I now it wasn’t’, I saw the commotion Air Force One could make when it came to this post back in 2005. Today was quiet and calm…

So I kept running. I tried to run fast just to get to the facilities faster. But then I saw this:


I just had to to take a picture. The colors are so brilliant, so RED! The trees here this time of year are beautiful!





me and tree


I tried to take my picture with the tree but as you can see, my   phone distorted it something awful.





I ran on, I had about 4 miles to the bathroom…I was in a serious way. I had to begin a walk/jog with about 1 mile to the bathrooms so I could, well control the issue. It was awful. I finally made it and…well, the rest is history. I ran the final 1.3 miles back to my car and finished with 10.53 miles for the day. I had wanted to hit 12 but 10.5 would have to suffice.

So, lesson here is that I need to get up earlier so that my breakfast goes down and my coffee has time to do it job. I woke up late, too late. I have been staying up too late all week and getting up early every day (I know, waaaah wah WAH. Cryin’ you a river here folks).  But that is the case.

Two weeks left. Have I done enough? Has my training been sufficient? I don't know. Call it taper madness but I am worried. But not too worried to back out (Insert evil grin here).

Finally, I have to say THANKS to Jessica for sending this awesome care package! One would think I was deployed to the dessert…but I’m not. I just have awesome friends!!! Which is more than I can say about myself in regards to The Track Coaches Adorable Wife….yes, I still have your shirt! I am SO sorry! And no, I haven’t been wearing it. I will mail it to you, I promise!!!!

care package


   You guys are totally tubular!!  







And to close: I miss Washington.


  1. woo-hoo! Last double-digit b4 VEGAS!! Looks like it was really nice there!!

    Hope your knee is feeling better!

  2. My in-laws have a GORGEOUS red-leaf maple in their back yard. I want a yard full of those. They are so pretty this time of year!

    I'm gonna email you my cell #. It'd be cool to meet you guys in Vegas, if it's nothing more than a quick HI at the start or finish line!

  3. Woohoo! Way to finish your last long run before Vegas! I'm sorry you had some GI problems...ughh...I hate that!!

  4. you are going to have so much fun!! Enjoy and wrap the year up strong!

  5. Last double digit run - woohoo!

  6. Funny how no one touched your um, sensitive subject. LOL But you know me...

    As always, your candor makes me LOL. Since YOU were the ONE who taught me about running commando nearly a year and a half ago, it seems only reasonable YOU would be the ONE to be sharing your #2 411. Ha Ha! Hubs and I just had this convo recently, so of course, I find it especially funny ... and timely.

    Counting down 'til Vegas.. ROCK it, baby! Oh, and don't forget the TP. just sayin'....

    *hugs* from orlando!!

  7. I miss Washington too. Well, at least the brew pubs.

  8. At least you didn't, uh, number two yourself. Five miles til a bathroom? Now that's torture.

    On the verge of your third marathon? How awesome is that? I'll be cheering for ya! Vegas baby! Oh yeah, I was just talking to a fellow runner yesterday about Vegas. She was raving about how much she loved that race last year. Sounds like you're in for a good time.

  9. Oh man, that is NOT a nice feeling. :S

    Way to go on your last double-digits before VEGAS BABY!

  10. Funny post...Good Luck in Vegas.

  11. Better not be your last double digit run forever!!! Can't wait to hear all about Vegas.

  12. Just found your blog today and great post. Vegas was my very first marathon last year in and since then have completed 2 more and an ultra. Vegas will be good to you! Have fun out there! Heads up: It was 33 degrees when we waited at the starting line. Very cold.


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