Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

So there are good, bad and ugly things I need to get off my chest.

The Good

Today is the Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon! I have a few friends running and I know they will do great!

I have run 835.75 miles in 2010!

Less than one week until I am in Vegas hanging out with Mel-Tall Mom and AN the RB! I can’t wait!

One week until Marathon #3!! 

The Bad

I am not running previously mentioned Seattle Half Marathon. I love, or loved to hate, that race. The first year I ran it (2008) I  thought it was awful. But with a year of half marathon experience behind me, in 2009 I felt confident I could tackle it, again. I did. And now in 2010 I want to tackle it again. But I can’t.

I have run only 835.75 miles in 2010. I know that is a lot of miles but it isn’t 1000. I know I have a lot to look back on and be proud of (like three marathons in one year) but I wanted to run 1000 miles in one year. I had a few set backs throughout the year where my monthly mileage was quite low. And I know that the best thing for me was to hold back and not risk injury, illness or worse.  So, in order to hit my 1000 mark I need to run 164.25 miles in the next 34 days. Can it be done? I don’t know. Maybe. That is 4.83 miles per day.  But, subtract my marathon that leaves me with 4.18 miles per day to hit 1000 miles in 2010. I guess I have a new goal (this should go under Ugly).

In one week I have Marathon #3. I feel slow, out of shape, sore, tired and have a huge lack of confidence. I also got a text from Pam telling me the 10 day forecast calls for rain. In Vegas. What the heck? Why do I have a rain cloud following me? Well, lets hope the weather changes up a bit and we have a dry day to run 26.2 miles!

The Ugly

I have gained some weight since, since I don’t know when exactly. I t just kind of crept up on me, like a bad guy in the dead of night. Ok, that may not be entirely true. I knew it was creeping up on me I could feel it. Kind of like I looked over my shoulder, saw it, mocked it, and dared it to come and try. It did. It won. I lost…so here I am heading into Marathon #3 with about 14 pounds more than I had in OKC marathon and about 4 pounds more than Portland (rough estimate). I need a change and I need to make I quick. It’s an ugly situation to find yourself in. Ugly.

I have to run approximately 4.8 miles every day for the next 34 days if I want to hit 1000. I don’t feel like running today. Ugly.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles. It felt like 20. I was tired.  I was bored. Annoyed. It was rough. It was only 8 miles. Ugly.

Well, I’m off to hang with the Fam. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hoping Vegas will push you out of your funk! Seeing Mel will certainly help! You have been through a lot lately - what with a cross country move, etc. It is no wonder that you are in a funk.

    Here's hoping Vegas is JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

  2. Oh no,hang in there! The weather in Vegas is unpredictable, don't worry, all will be fine. And if not, you just skip the race and have a great time with your running buddies and best friends in Vegas! Yeah for a girl weekend!!!

  3. Ah a funk....I hate those...IT WILL PASS!!
    hang in there!!! what do the weather people know? they are almost always wrong!! bet it will be dry...but is chilly in Sounthern California where I live so Vegas is colder for sure.

  4. You'll do great in Vegas! I feel ya on the weight. 5 pounds have snuck up on me in hte last month and I feel so sluggish and slow.

  5. I can't wait to see you and Mel in Vegas! Funks are acceptable, and I am sending you lots of love and good thoughts that you are out of it and feeling amazing very soon. What corral are you in? I'm in Mel's facebook friends, add me on there so we can figure out when to meet up! Sending a big hug your way.

  6. Chin up, girlfriend! Focus on the miles you have run, not on those you haven't. You're gonna have a great weekend in Vegas and a great race too!

  7. Sounds like a case of "marathon taper-itis".

  8. Thank goodness they changed that forecast! I seriously just wanted to cry when I saw that big fat rain cloud out there next to Dec 5.

    I felt the same way as you yesterday during my run. The wind was pissing me off. My shoes were pissing me off. The gawking drivers passing by were pissing me off. And I was starving. Not a good day for me.

  9. This could have been my blog post. I'm dealing with some sneaky added weight and giving myself an extremely hard time about it. I'm working on it though. I really hope you escape any rain in Vegas. After Portland I have a hard time with it. I hope that gets better. On a huge plus you get to see Mel. I hope you girls have an amazing time on Vegas. You rock and I know you'll do amazing.

  10. Oh the running funk! I am really sorry. 835 miles is so so much, congratulations! 3 marathon in a year, amazing! Can't wait to hear about your marathon next week!

  11. It kind of sounds like you have the taper crazies!! Hang in there! AND, you seriously need to be more proud of all the things you have accomplished this year! It's easy to get caught up in the "bad and ugly" things. Don't let them get you down! You have had an awesome year!!

  12. Honey, give yourself a break. You are woman, you are strong. You're gonna have three (three!) marathons under your shoes and that is something to be PROUD of.
    Plus you're a mom, a wife, you have a job, a dog, outside family committments and you just moved across the country.
    Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all of that!
    Forget the extra weight (happens to us all) and how many miles you planned to run this year and celebrate the cool woman and runner that you are.
    P.S. It won't rain in Vegas, it's all been coming here, hee, hee.

  13. You should be so proud of running 3 MARATHON's in a year! Wow!! I hope to say that one day! :)

    GOOD LUCK ROCKIN' VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You'll do awesome in Vegas! Your getting your bad runs out of the way now so you are ready to rock in the Marathon. Nice strategy. Weight/smeight....I gain 5lbs just by walking past a brownie. I feel your pain. Hang tough and good luck!

  15. An is coming?? Guess we better chat this week about Plans... Hugs to you friend and I KNOW you can do it.. to get to 1,000

  16. I will bring the toss away ponchos, that way it wont rain :)

  17. Deep breaths always help! :o) And I am not excited to hear about the rain in Vegas, as I will be there too doing the half!

  18. I hate when you stop running for just a little bit and that weight creeps back up! That is where I am at right now! Have a great week :)

  19. Amanda! You are such a rockstar! 3 marathons in a year! Wow, what a feat! I'm so excited for your Vegas run! My dad was a crazy multi-marathoner (like 2:22 PR... SICK!) and he said his very very favorite race was vegas! So look forward to it! You got me thinking, and I just might have leave the 1/2s for a while and tackle a full once again :) You're my motivation!

  20. rain in vegas? isn't that a DESERT! man rain loves you my friend. But I hear happens to the best of us. But maybe Vegas will light your spark again!


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