Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

As promised this morning I am announcing the winner of the awesome Asics Visor!

And the lucky winner is.....comment number 29 generated from

Oz Runner!!

Yay! His winning comment said, "Super hero? Probably Flash, because he is the fastest and I am super slow..." I love it!!!

Now, about my new plan! I have decided on the Oklahoma City Marathon! Now I just have to register, train, and buy some plane tickets! In the interim I will be running the Mercer Island Half which is only 15 weeks away! So training for this officially begins tomorrow! The only problem Um, I guess I am actually training for a full marathon with a half only a month before. So how the heck do I train for a half in the midst of marathon training (and I still want that sub 2, seriously)? Marathon training is uncharted waters for me. All I know is all you marathon crazies are out there running 15, 18, 20, 22, 24 mile long runs. That is all I know. I am still considering the Bonney Lake Fleet Marathon Training Group, but um, that might be hard. :) Ok, marathons are hard, I get it, but I feel intimidated by an official training group. I know that this will be the best choice for me and the most effective way to ensure that I actually follow through and make it to the starting line of the marathon. Accountability. That is what I need.

Today I am grateful for:
My Christmas tree,crooked and all with lights and decorations!
Sleeping in until 7 AM!
The excitement on my Little Buddy's face when he saw the tree all lit up in the dark living room. Priceless!
All my new bloggy followers! Welcome!


  1. Big dilemma. The half and the full are two different animals. Obviously the full is your priority and really, you will have the opportunity to do halfs after you do the full.

    My advice is to treat the half like a training run and focus on the full. After you have basked in the glory of completing your marathon, begin focusing on speed for the half.

  2. It's great you are going to run a marathon.

    Even though I don't know much about it, what I did read was that there's a hugh difference between a half and a full marathon. I can't give you any advice in this one. I can only be your supporter during your training.

  3. Woo hoo!! OK Marathon!! Awesome! You can totally do it, both the run itself and the training part of it.

    The best thing to do would be to start backwards from the marathon date. I can tell you how my training plan is shaped up from backwards in: one week before the marathon - 10 miles; 2 weeks before - 12 miles; 3 weeks before - 22 miles; 4 weeks before - 15; 5 weeks - 12; 6 weeks - 15; 7 weeks - 20; 8 weeks - 12.

    The longest we've ran thus far is 18 miles. We'll only cross the 20-mile mark twice before the marathon. The training is tough, yeah, but we're not cranking out 20-mile runs every weekend. In other words, it's pretty much what you've been doing, along with an 18- and 20-mile run sprinkled here and there.

    Whatever you decide to do, I'm certain you'll succeed!

  4. I agree with LB work backwards.. I did the Capital City 1/2 about a month before my Marathon...I think I was supposed to run 16 miles that day but I did 13.1 at a faster pace and called it good. I think you will be fine.

    If you do the Fleet Feet plan that would be AWESOME.. Congrats on the commitment to a FULL, cant wait to run with you toward your goal.

    And congrats to Oz!

  5. Oh the fun you will have!

    Just use the half as a training run. You can get a sub 2!

    I wish I had my tree up. Maybe tomorrow??

  6. Well, I'm glad someone did the math. 15 weeks?!!!! Holy cow. I better get my behind in gear.

  7. Isn't it great when they see the tree all lit up! Emma gets all excited every morning!

  8. hey, you're doing OKC? I did the OKC Half last year (my first half) is an awesome race with great crowd support, you'll love it...the last half of the full marathon goes out and around a lake, and the wind can be brutal at times ...I am actually thinking about doing it again this year, I need some revenge....good luck with your training

  9. I love all the decorations at this time of the year! I would also like to sleep in until 7. I guess I will have to wait until the little one is older :-)

  10. I'm training for a half right not too, haven't been able to commit to a full yet..but I'm right there with you about the training groups!! They sound so official and I get intimidated! Probably a good idea though. L.B. has great info. Good luck and can't wait to see how it goes!

  11. YAY you are doing the marathon. It will forever change you! I'm so excited for you.

    As for your half, you can definitely do it during your marathon training. If possible, try to fit the half into your schedule. Many marathoners will do a half the week they need to get in a 12-14 mile run. Is that possible with the date of your half? If not, my beginner marathon schedule had a 10 mile run every other week (the other weeks were the long runs). So 13.1 was just a little more than that usual 10 miler. It all worked out perfectly.

    Also, don't worry so much about your sub-2. Just focus on your marathon training and you will get that sub-2 in the half. You will become soooo much faster just from your marathon training schedule. Good luck!


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