Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sick and Tired

Nothing like being sick to make you remember how awesome it is to not be sick. Ugh...I feel like roadkill, like death warmed over, like swine flu x 10. I must have Ebola or something. It hit hard it hit fast. I went to the YMCA yesterday for a 3 mile run (at 8:30/mile pace). I felt fine. Nothing to warn me of my impending illness. That was at 1:30. I went about the rest of my day and by 9 PM I was achy and icky. So here I am, a day on the couch with three blankets, chicken noodle soup, chocolate milk, OJ, and drugs.....Hopefully I will wake up and feel fine tomorrow! After all I have a 12K coming up in 12 days and I need to do some running!

I am done whining and feeling sorry for myself, for now.

Today I am grateful for:
Our law enforcement and their commitment to keeping our communities safe.

Happy Running Friends! Stay warm and stay healthy!


  1. Goodness, hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope you feel better! Sending you quick recovery vibes!

  3. ugh, sorry to hear. hopefully the rest will work and you will be back soon

  4. You and Zoe are sick? Oh man. Get better fast!

  5. Hope you feel better..I have a 10miler on the 26th and I am doing everything I can to not succumb to any semblance of sickness.

  6. Oh no- but it looks like you are doing everything right to get better! Get well :)

  7. Oh no!! OK you know what is sorta funny about this.. I headed over here to see if you wanted to do a "Frosty Half Marathon" with me this weekend.. As fast as we can!! As in I want to do sub 2 hours..

    Can you tell that I really want to get to my 1,000 miles?? and help you get your goal before 2010??

    BUT....since you are sick I guess it will have to wait.. or maybe it will go as fast as it came..

    FYI...Blaine keeps asking "When are we going to have a friend over again?" He misses Levi already.. So cute!!

    Hugs and feel better ASAP!!

  8. Oh No! I hope you feel better soon, Amanda! There's nothing more suckier than feeling sick.

  9. I hope you feel better soon Amanda!

  10. I didn't know us Mamas got sick days??!! :-) Hopefully you'll be on the mend soon. Being sick is NO FUN!

  11. I hope you are feeling better soon. I don't know how long Ebola lasts. heeheehee

  12. How are you feeling? If it's the swine flu, I feel bad for you. I had it and was out a solid 3-4 weeks! Hope you're feeling better!!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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