Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Plan

Is today Wednesday? Oh man! I have done absolutely NOTHING since Sunday! I was only a little bit sore after Sunday's half, my ankles the most. That was strange. But really there is no excuse for not running except that I have been resting. Monday left me feeling a little lost not being in the throes of a training plan. I kept thinking, "Now what?". I want to do a marathon, a full 26.2. For some reason I am hesitant to commit. I think I am just scared. Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone! But after three days of thinking (and my brain is smokin') I have decided on a plan.

-3/21 Mercer Island Half Marathon with some local bloggers and buddies! Yay!!!! This MUST be my sub 2. AND this is my 31st birthday! Again....SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That my friends stays HERE on my blog.

-4/25 or 5/2 Full Marathon. The particular one is to be decided. I have wanted to do the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (4/25) for years. I want this to be my first marathon. I am from Oklahoma and the OKC Bombing is an event that I remember well. I was sitting in Physiology class with Mr. Hula when the news came. So this marathon has special meaning to me. Not to mention I will have an excuse to travel home to see my fam, AND have a cheering squad, always a bonus. The other one that I could do is the Tacoma City Marathon. This one starts about 2 miles from my front door. They are one week apart. What are the chances I could pull off both? Hmmm.....could be possible!

And to all my new followers....WOW! Welcome!! If you haven't entered my Asics Visor giveaway you can do so HERE. I wore this visor (well not THE one I am giving away but its twin) during my half on Sunday and it was awesome! It kept the hair out of my eyes. It wasn't too hot! Sometimes when I wear my regular baseball type hat my head gets hot. The visor allowed my head to breath. It also worked to keep the sweat from running into my eyes, ouch! And the best thing about it....for one of my bloggy followers it will be FREE! :) Can't beat that! You have until Sunday Dec. 5.

Today I am grateful for:
Fluffy pillows.
My down comforter.
Zoo lights!


  1. If I win the visor, can I get the stinky and sweaty one you wore on Sunday? It'd be road-tested and 5 Miles approved... jk


    Great plan. They should rename the Mercer Island Half Marathon the Bloggy Meet-Up Half Marathon. You guys should also get a van together for the Ragnar Relay up there in July. That'd be awesome too.

    And how awesome you're thinking about a marathon! But you could do it, no doubt.

  2. I hear you...I am now committed to a 30km race in March 2010 - my farthest distance ever so up to that point, I will be following our group's marathon training plan.
    Scared? Oh yeah.... :)

  3. OKC for sure. No question. I'm going to be running in it, but I'll decide what distance after my half this weekend. You could come and get a PR on the half here. Its flat, and unless its windy its a fast race.

  4. I think the OKC marathon would be awesome. So looking forward to 321!

  5. You sound like you really want to do the OKC marathon. So, what are you waiting for? DO IT!

  6. OKC was my first every marathon and it was wondeful!

  7. OKC all the will mean so much more to you as your FIRST.. YOu will be able to work the will be great..

    3/21 WILL be sub 2 hours if I have anything to do with it.

    See you tonight!!!

  8. If anyone can run a marathon it's you! I understand you're maybe scared but I have all confidence in you that you can do it.

    Go for it Amanda!

  9. I just love people who can plan. I wish I was better at that.

    You totally could do both marathon. My first year I did 4. The last two were less than a month apart and it was amazing.

    And here I thought you were giving away the sweating one. bummer. ;-)

  10. Nice race plans!!

    I love my down comforter also - it's heaven!!

  11. I have given thought to making the OKC marathon a destination race and hope that one day I am able to make the trip :)

  12. You should definitely do OKC. Absolutely.

  13. You must do OKC. Totally unique marathon experience and a great course too!

  14. yay for OKC! it was my first marathon (earlier this year) and all my running buddies and i are heading down again in 2010, for the 10th year. it's going to be AMAZING! excellent choice. (i'm in kansas, fyi;)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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