Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Week 1, Day 1...

Today was Day 1 and it was a success. It wasn’t hard. It was fine.

My plan called for 6 rounds of 1 minute run followed by 2 minute walk. I decided to do 8 rounds. That put me at 24 min total. I spent most of my time messing around with my ear buds. Ugh! I also just enjoyed the fact that I was out for a run! It felt so good! And it was nice knowing I’d be done in 24 minutes. I’m not sure how far I went. My newest Garmin 25 flopped, won’t connect to satellites to even keep the time, much less track runs. It lasted barely two years. I am charging up my old school Garmin 405 but really it just felt nice to use my phone with an awesome timer app to tell me when to run and when to walk.

It was refreshing to not worry about pace or distance. To just go out and run until I’m supposed to walk. Tomorrow I’ll do the same thing, what we used to call a “naked run”. And I have to admit I’m kinda looking forward to it! But on the other hand I have ordered a new Fitbit and I’m pretty excited for it to arrive! So this week, week 1, will be Naked Runs, next week I’ll start with the geeky stats!

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