Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I've got my plan...

...YEP.  I've got my plan now I just need to implement it. No biggie. Right?

Starting is THE hardest part. Making the time...most people say they want to do something but then when it comes to actually doing it they never make the time, or are full of excuses. And when I say "they" I completely 107% include myself in that.

I remember when I wanted to start CrossFit and my biggest roadblock, excuse, or issue was time. WHEN? HOW? When would I do it and how would I fit it in? Well you know what? I figured it out because I wanted to! It was important to me, I tried it and liked it and wanted to keep dong it. Now it is part of my regular routine and just like waking up and going to work, I go to CrossFit.

Beginning my running routine is going to be the same. And realistically I am planning on three days a week, THREE. That's it. I can do that. I will do that. 

So I have picked a Couch to 5k then 10K plan. I realize I am not exactly starting from a ZERO fitness level but I  am starting from a zero endurance level and minimal running. I have been lifting weights and working out in short bursts for over three years. My endurance is nonexistent at this point. And it is tough to start with a C25K plan, it's hard on the ego for sure. But this isn't about ego. It is about doing something hard and making a change, taking a stand, and taking control and making a commitment. 

My plan is three days a week, starting with walk/run approach and eventually getting to an all run for 5k then 10k. So my next task: Find a 5k in the next 8 weeks then a 10k in 10 weeks (ish). 

I'm pumped!

The Plan

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